March 08, 2013

Finding Balance & Love After Divorce

Every now and then people ask me for advice.  I know, I'm just as shocked as you are.  That's the things about the internet, you can mask all of your unraveling and put on a brave face.  Unless of course you are into emotional and irrational  Facebook status updates, which are the new era's "cry for help".  But before you go venting all your desperation on your timeline, why not go big and just blog!  I speak the truth that a blog, or writing, can be a cathartic and healing experience.  It can connect you with a very supportive community and open your world to life long friendships.

So my little piece of the internet has been around for a while, rarely am I serious, unless I am; and often is anything on this blog remotely helpful.  Now seeing as I want to stay consistent on the blog here, I'm going to redirect you to my interview over at  You'll learn all the nitty gritty details about life after divorce, dating and finding love again.  Yes, I know you can hardly wait. approached me for an interview, for which I was not compensated.  I will say I have used several times to find a trusted babysitter for my children, as well as PCA services. 

March 04, 2013

The Real Reason I Haven't Been Blogging #Hoarders

Okay, okay, you can stop all of the relentless harassment on my Facebook page, the emails, the phone calls, the sheer out-cry for the return of this fine literary accomplishment I call crap, and you call blog.  Or is it I call blog and you call crap?  Either or.  The fact is,you have beaten me into submission. Well maybe Christina just did.

I've always been a straight shooter with you folks, and you're surprisingly still around.  So now would not be a time to wax poetically about all the things I've been busy doing, as if I'm saving the world like the Jolie-Pitts.  No friends, I have been busy with laundry and stuff.  Don't get me wrong, I could come up with some mighty fine reasons for not blogging, but because I love you, I will spare you the b.s. Yes, you are welcome.

Here is the real reason.  I was forced to get a land line, you know a phone besides my cell phone....I know.  Well since I already have the Internets, it's almost cheaper to get the triple threat and get cable too.  For those of you who may not know, I have not had cable for some time.  And yes, my children and I have survived.  We have gone idol-less, debate-less, reality show-less and Sponge Bob-less for many moons.  I wish we were still Sponge Bob-less.

Honestly, there is some weird crap on television, and I have been watching all of  it.  Babies Behind Bars, My Strange Addiction, Dance Moms, you name it, I'm like a deer in the headlights, mouthing the words, "really?”  I have thought about canceling several times, but I think my kids would now go through withdrawals and there are some things I just choose not to deal with in this lifetime, and right now that is one of them.

Now, I don't watch the entire freak show, just bits and pieces and go about my business, however, there is one show I cannot turn away from...Hoarders.  If you're not familiar with this show, there are about eleventy different versions on television and all of them reel me in and I'm mesmerized.  I don't know why, but it's like crack.  The first hit gives you a buzz and you're chasing it thereafter.
This is nothing people

Now my point, Hoarders isn't just on for an hour, no, no, friends.  Hoarders is shown in blocks, that is, 4-99 episodes in a ROW!!!  So you can see why I haven't blogged, because I'm basically watching Hoarders.  I am not a hoarder, nor am I a clean freak.  I'm your mediocre, almost-middle-aged-smokin'-hot-Mama looking into the secret life of another person.

So stay tuned, I have some fun things coming up....including a twist on the A-Z Challenge.  If you were in my A-Z posse last year, I'm calling you back.

I might have been watching Downton Abbey too.

January 24, 2013

So I Just Took Down My Xmas Tree

Don't scold me.  Yes, it has been darn near 3 months since I've blogged but I made up probably have a good excuse:

*I've been writing the next great American Novel about Glittery Vampires

*Been stalking this awesome Mama.

*Been in rehab, again, never, maybe, who knows, inevitable

*Contemplating and then ultimately taking my Christmas tree down...a few days ago.

 You choose one.  But really maybe I've just been with my awesome kids, my awesomer new-ish boyfriend and ignoring all my friends, family and obligations.  Yeah, probably that.

So just when you thought I might say something brilliant, I disappoint.  You'll have to settle for THIS mediocre piece of c*$p that miraculously got published. 

Read all about my slacktivism as a good enough mom