June 10, 2009

10 Guilty Pleasures

The hardest thing about writing this post was not thinking of 10 per se, but not naming 20! But you know, you've got to find those small things in life that keep you going. Sometimes an honest days work for an honest days pay just doesn't cut it. There has to be something that gets you through without getting you through to AA. I decided just to bare it all and write it out, then on days like today, when I'm a bit on the crabby side, it MIGHT not seem so bad. We all like to wallow in self-pity just for a minute so we have an excuse to do something that makes us feel better. So here goes nothing.

1 Facebook. I used to be the girl that made fun of everyone for spending so much time on "FB" and My Space, and often said, "I'll never do it". Okay, I did it, I cracked. The peer pressure got to me and get this, now I'm bullying other people to do it. I love it. And must say I check my facebook page a minimum of twice daily. Sad, yes. But really I have got back in touch with so many people from my past (that I wanted to), and found it so much easier to stay connected to those around me. Facebook is as fabulous as texting. I just don't have the time for a phone call to "chat" only to be interrupted 30 times. I must admit, I did need a quiz intervention at the beginning, but I've weaned myself off of them and am finding my way to recovery.

2 Reality T.V. I'm like a moth to a flame with that junk. I can't help myself, it's like crack! It's not even that interesting. I guess I find the mind numbing-ness of it all soothing. Watching someone else's life unravel doesn't make your day look so bad. And I have to say the over-salted beef stir fry I made looks pretty darn appetizing next to what they are "asked" to eat on Survivor. Finally a few months back I realized I was watching "Rock Of Love", if you don't know, don't ask. I had to take a step back and think of all the other things I could've been doing, instead I was watching a bunch of bimbos pudding wrestling. Yup, seriously. I canceled cable the next day. Hence, facebook, blogging, etc.

3 Jon & Kate Plus 8. It should be in with number two, but I love it so much, it needs it's own number. I struggled with putting this one in, but HAD to, and here's why. I have watched it from the beginning, over 100 long episodes ago. Two people raising sextuplets and twins, wowza! Nothing got in the way of my JK+8 Monday nights boy! Of course recently they have been in the tabloids and I will say they have changed and I do wish they would cancel the show, for the sake of their family. It just steams me, and one day they may get their very own blog post venting my frustration. Paul says if I really want them to stop filming, stop watching. Okay sounds simple enough. Not possible. No matter how sad it makes me or how angry I get I am still watching at friends or family's houses or downloading the most recent episode on itunes. Totally a guilty pleasure...or addiction?

4 Chocolate. I don't think that beauty even requires explanation.

5 Slim Jims. I love Slim Jims. A trucker's delicacy. They are the nastiest things ever, but so delicious! I once read the ingredients and swore off slim jims forever. Anyway, I blocked it out of my mind. And jeez, what is going on with the dead bodies at the slim jim factory? I will have to investigate that further. Snap into a slim jim!

6 My label maker. If it's in a box, bag, folder, or Tupperware, you better believe I'm slapping a label on that baby.

7 Clorox Color Catchers. Okay, I know. But I do get a thrill when I reach into the washer pull out the color catcher and it "caught the pink shirt". I cannot help myself, I throw one of those things into every load. Reds and pinks get two. Finally I realized that you can reuse them if they are still white when they come out. I will make a run to Walmart at 9pm to get more color catchers if I'm out. Clorox, bravo.

8 Target. Who doesn't love Target? What is it about going to Target? We all go, we all admittedly spend WAY too much money there, but we sure don't feel bad about it. I still can't figure that one out. The buyers for Target are way underpaid. If I had a dime for every time I've said, that's sooo cute in Target. SuperTargets are even worse! They should really just paste my head on the bullseye.

9 Karma. It is a b*&$@. Really have to be honest here, that I am a bit amused when it comes around to the deserving. Ain't gonna lie.

10 Caribou Coffee. There is something about that five dollar cup of coffee that I just can't replicate in house. So when I do get to treat myself and get a spendy cup o' joe, I do it up. Whip cream, chocolate covered beans, double shots, the works. It is a very satisfying cup of coffee, love my turtle mocha.


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