June 08, 2009

Fired UP!!!!

I am fired up today people!!! Today I was going to blog about Gabe and my new findings through my research, but that may be for tomorrow. Also to peak your interest, tomorrow I take Gabe to a D.A.N. doctor (Defeat Autism Now), they specialize in the biomedical treatment of Autism and the symptoms, not just putting a band aid on it. But what's really got me steaming is House Bill 875, The Food Safety Modernization Act.


Incase you didn't read that long boring bill (I did, snooze) here it is in a nutshell. Without really saying the words "organic", it would basically put small organic farms out of business. The bill says that the government would regulate the food supply using the most recent scientific and technological data, "science based standards", and product to make produce overall safe for the American people. So all farms, even in our own backyard gardens, would have to use pesticides and herbicides under government regulation. That is just absurd! Shouldn't we have the choice? Look, I'll take my chances. Now, a tale of two strawberries, one grown in an organic field, free from chemical agents, the second helped along from seedling to grow with help of chemicals (not alot of work involved there). Considering both berries make it to market, I would conclude that the organic berry would have tons more nutrients than the chemically assisted berry. Why? It fought off bugs and disease on it's own, that's a strong berry! I would rather face the organic hazards than put pesticides into my body. I'm very sensitive to them. I can taste the difference in an organic tomato, apple, cucumber and pepper. As a family we can tell also. If we for some reason have to eat non-organic produce, Paul and I have both noticed our stomachs get upset and we get headaches and don't feel good. We have to listen to our bodies and fix the problems, not just take another medication to relieve the symptoms!

What even gets me more steamed is that the bill was introduced by Democrat Rosa DeLauro. She just happens to be married to Stanley Greenberg who works for Monsanto, the biggest producer of herbicides and genetically engineered seeds, and lobbying hard for this bill to pass! Bit of a conflict of interest aye? So Monsanto profits either way, putting the small organic farms out of business, or regulating them to use their products. It's starting to sound alot like pharmaceuticals isn't it?

Science is a great thing. But to what end? Fill our food with additives, fillers, dyes, chemicals and pesticides so we all get cancer so in turn we have to ingest even stronger drugs and chemo therapy to kill it. Whether you are on the "organic bandwagon" or not, shouldn't we have a choice? I don't want the government to decide what I'm eating because they think it's for my own well-being. If the government really cared for the well being of Americans and the food we ingest, fast food would've been outlawed long ago.

I wrote my state representative and senator, now if Coleman and Frankin could settle this thing once and for all I might have someone else to write, but that's another topic:) I will include links at the bottom of my blog of how to contact your State Representative and Senators.


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