June 20, 2009

In Someone Else's Shoes

Alrighty, here it is. The Jon & Kate Plus 8 entry. You knew it was coming, I warned you! Here it is on the eve of their BIG announcement. What will they do next, divorce, counseling, continue the show? Honestly, I hope they just finish out the season and be done with it. The last five years have really been such a roller coaster for them. It just seems somehow along the way they got derailed. By money? By fame? Who knows, not my business to know or to judge them. I can't help but think 5-10 years down the road when they have these tapes to look back on and consider if the ends justify the means will they have done it the same all over again.


I'm really starting to get upset at all the finger pointing and criticism they are receiving. Have they made poor choices? Yes. Is this good for their kids? Don't know. But golly, haven't we all made poor choices in our lives? Thankfully it hasn't been made for the world to see. I know some will argue, that is the price for a reality show, or fame. But should it be that way? It just saddens me that they have let it come to this.

I can't possibly imagine having 10 mouths to feed. What would I or wouldn't I do to provide for them? Did they choose it? Yes. But I agree with their decision not to "selectively reduce". I can't imagine a world without little Alexis, Collin, or Aaden. If you can find a way to send 8 kids to college without having to burden them with paying for it, or buy them new clothes, instead of hand-me-downs, or take family vacations that you never thought possible, would you? I have to say it would be tempting. How do you just stop? When IS enough, enough? I struggle with that everyday. When you suddenly notice your life has spun out of control, your marriage is broken, and you can't live a "normal" life ever again; where do you go from there? I can't imagine the complexities of the decisions they are facing. Everything came from such a good place and somehow got turned around. Isn't that human nature? Aren't we all guilty of that? I applaud them for their honesty and "realness". I mean how many people would actually have the guts to really be themselves, to really let the world know who you are without caring about the judgement. Don't know if I could. I think I would constantly be censoring myself. But good 'ol Kate, she just let 'er rip. I really respect her for that. And despite the criticism she gets for it, that IS what made the show popular, because she was just herself.

It angers me to hear other mothers judging her parenting. That just chaps me to no end. Other Moms should be the MOST supportive of each other. This all of our first times being a parent and we're all just doing the best we can. I have to think she is doing the best she can. If my worst parenting moments were caught on tape, geez, well we've all been there. We all damage our kids in some capacity no matter how much we try. Kate is caught in the same struggle I think every Mother faces, their liveliness and calling and happiness, and your kids. It is such a fine line. As Mom's we ALWAYS put our kids happiness first, despite our own. Then if we are selfish for a moment and embrace our own happiness, we're ridiculed. Being a Mom is hard. There is no happy ground, there is no having it all. I think I'll blog about that another day. But does it really make you feel better as a parent to berate Jon and Kate's parenting?

I will pray for them, as I have been that they can find their way back to the path God intended for them. I have to think he made this all possible in the first place. Our struggles are meant to strengthen our faith in God, they deepen our roots with him. Good luck John & Kate, I'll be watching.


  1. I agree whole-heartedly with your post though I did not watch the show. It's all a shame but what is meant to be will be. On another note, because your blog moves me, inspires me and educates me, I've chosen you to receive a blogging award. Thanks for blogging. To collect your award, you have to visit my blog at http://walkonthehappyside.blogspot.com.

  2. That episode tonight was very sad. I hope in time they can heal, and can make the right decisions together for their darling kids.


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