June 09, 2009

Pieces to Gabe's Puzzle

Okay, so Autism is described and represented like pieces of a puzzle. Every kid is different and unique, and every child might have Autism because of different triggers. For example, just like pre-dispostition to diabetes; if you gain to much weight and are obese, you may trigger diabetes. The belief is that Autism is not caused by one thing alone, but many contributing factors, genetically and environmentally. Since Gabe's diagnosis, I have been on a mission to put his pieces together to get him the best care possible. I don't care if he ever "recovers". Well I do, but not that he would totally lose his diagnosis as some kids have with many interventions. All I want for Gabe is for him to be happy, be able to have and maintain relationships, and be able to live independently as an adult, and preferably stop being such a punk from time to time. From the beginning there has been so much information thrown at me about why and what to do and not to do. I think that it's every parents journey to find their own way, they know their children the best, so only they can decide. And I tell you moms out there, listen to your instinct, DO NOT wait it out because "he's a boy" or "some kids are slower than others" or "he's the second child". I failed Gabe there...but only for awhile, I still have no doubt we got him diagnosed early due to my perseverance. Diagnosis is hard when they are young because language is such a huge part of the diagnosis. In this blog, please note these are my opinions based upon the medical, genetic and biological factors in my son. It does not hold true for all kids.

I truly, truly believe vaccines are a great thing. I do believe however, vaccines partly caused my son's autism. Not one particular vaccine alone, but that there were so many in such a short time period and Gabe just doesn't have the ability to expel all those toxins. Because there are toxins in those shots people, formaldehyde, mercury, thimerosal, fetus, brains, you just don't want to know. As of 2000, the Thimerosal (50% Mercury) formulation was LOWERED and they increased the aluminium, however, guess how many stockpiles there are and really aluminum is not much better. If we have enough Tamiflu to vaccine the entire US population; well there you go. No law required them to be taken off the shelf. So, unless you know which companies use Mercury and Thimerosal and if your doc uses those shots...it's a shot in the dark, so to speak. If you're interested in a copy of the shot ingredients and manufacturers for each vaccine, I can get you one if you contact me. Almost all flu shots and tetanus shot still contain Mercury as a preservative by the way; ask your doc for Mercury and Thimerosal free. The vaccine schedule should be changed, less shots over a longer period of time. Our kids went from getting 10 vaccines in 1983 to 36 vaccines in 2007, that's a 260% increase. Also the rise in Autism (1 in 150 kids), ADHD, ADD, Asthma and Allergies has skyrocketed! I went back and looked through all our home video from Gabe as a baby to 20 months old, because honestly I could stop there. I did in fact see a clear regression at 12-16 months. Loss of language, eye contact, sharing, emotional connection was clearly all there. Then I found my light bulb moment. One week before his 1st birthday (and the huge round of shots they get a one year) he had his first ear infection, a double at that. So he was given antibiotics, the normal course of the kiddos antibiotics is 10 days or until the bottle is gone. That most certainly overlapped his shots! I had no clue you are not suppose to get vaccinated while on antibiotics. From that point on he's had 8-10 rounds of antibiotics for constant lingering ear infections. Okay, so then I set out to figure out why Gabe was such a bear as a baby. Often inconsolable and grumpy, still needed alot of swaddling and hugging (those sensory issues) very early on. When I was pregnant with Gabe I had a flu shot and a tetanus shot. Now, the docs tell you to limit your fish intake because of the mercury level, but they'll inject it right into your bloodstream! Another very important piece to his puzzle is his genetic disposition. Kids with ASD can have two types of family trees. The Methylation Tree (basically methylation is how well you excrete toxins in your body), often poor methylation in a family can be traced to Alzheimer's(aluminum on the brain), Dementia, Bipolar Disorder, ADD, Depression, Alcoholism, and Constipation. Check, we got some of that. Okay, second tree, the Common Auto Immune Tree, where the body is basically attacking itself and results in, Celiac Disease, Graves Disease, Lupus, Diabetes, Leaky Gut, MBP antibodies, Addison's Disease, Thyroid Disease, MS, Inflammatory Bowel disease, and Chronic Fatigue. Check. Boy Gabe was in trouble from the get go. This would've been a sign that his body was not going to be able to expel toxins as well as other kids might. That too includes pesticides, gasses, and other environmental factors. Kids with Autism share alot of the same characteristics and tendencies, but some signs they share that most don't know about are: Allergies, Reflux, GI inflammation, Constipation, Diarrhea, Recurrent ear infections, and sleep issues. So alot of biomedical doctors are finding that by treating those medical issues naturally and safely with diet and supplementation, kids are regaining speech, sleeping better, interacting with others and some are finding their way out of diagnosis. That's where you'll hear about Jenny McCarthy's son. He was diagnosed with severe autism and she sought biomedical treatment and he lost his diagnosis completely.

My thought is as a mom, there isn't anything I wouldn't try or do to help my little guy. I am worried for the future. Almost 75% of kids with Autism also have seizures, that usually peaks around 3, and I'm gonna nip that in the bud. What do we have to lose besides never knowing? The never knowing would be the worst part. And if it doesn't work, so be it, we'll continue to find other paths to take. I will not give up and think that drugs and therapy are his only options. So little is known about Autism, we are on our own to figure alot of things out.

We are hard at work at therapy 4 days a week, and just met with a Biomedical Doctor specializing in Autism therapy today. I'm very excited to go forward. She is writing a recommendation for Paul and I to discuss, it will involve alot of tests and some big lifestyle changes. The bad part is insurance does not consider this "treatment" and pays for NOTHING! If this works, I will make it my life's work to get the insurance companies to pay for biomedical treatment. I'll keep ya posted, thanks for reading.


  1. I agree with so many of your reasonings & findings. However, I struggle with the fear that parents will stop vaccinating their children. I constantly worry that my kids are going to be stricken with some disease that we as a country have no longer had to deal with since vaccinations became the norm.

  2. I fear that too. I don't know why to some people it's all or nothing. If I had it to do over, I would still get Gabe vaccinated, however, one shot at a time, and no "super-shots". I would also have forgone the chicken pox, flu and rota-teq and waited on Hep A & B until he was 10 or older. But I do think the pharms need to "green" up the vaccines.

  3. Oh, don't get me wrong, I think changes are necessary as well. I hope you didn't take my comment as an attack on your views or anything. Being a parent is hard, and is full of hard decisions! I'm so glad that you are on a path that is going to be good for Gabe (and your family!). I would love to get our kiddos together this summer, maybe with Anna too? That would be a fun, crazy, bunch!

  4. Oh gosh no! I didn't think you were attacking me at all. I just unleashed all the stuff I forgot to put in the blog about my coulda shouldas. Thanks for your support, we're def on for the playdate!

  5. Thanks for a great post! It's clear that you have thought a lot about the topic. Sadly, many parents never give vaccines another thought. I used to be like that before the diagnosis of both of my boys on the autism spectrum. I trusted our doctors implicitly back then.

    At this time, we choose to no longer vaccinate. The vaccine schedule and ingredients need to be significantly changed before I will feel it is safe enough to continue for my boys. We've worked really hard with them to help them progress, and we'd hate to give their body an assault that could lead to a regression.

    I guess my thought on the concern over unvaccinated kids making vaccinated kids sick is...I just don't get it. If the kids are vaccinated, they should be protected. Right? Why is there so much worry when they should already be safe? Unfortunately, the research I have seen indicates that in almost all of the recent outbreaks (particularly with whooping cough) the majority of the kiddos who got sick were actually vaccinated. That doesn't give me warm fuzzies about the effectiveness of vaccines.

    I just hope that vaccines can improve in safety. I think the pharmaceutical companies owe the public a safe product. Just my two cents.

    -Angela (aka Caffeinated Autism Mom)


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