June 16, 2009

Thank you Anna Johnson

Life is good. We need a fence in the backyard, or, a fence would be so lovely and helpful; we'll put it that way. So, we priced them out, and backyard fence just wasn't in the budget. Wholly moley! I need something that is not climbable or escape-able, durable and never needs to be repainted. Tall order! That pretty much leaves vinyl fencing, which was about four grand. So I just figured I'd keep my running shoes on and forge through another summer chasing my darling boy so he doesn't run into the street or out of the yard. Because as some of you know, Gabe's a runner. So no rest for the weary. Or so I thought...

The kids and I were over at our friend's, the Johnsons, and I could've screamed with delight at my discovery on Anna's back deck. They had built a gate off the deck, so no little toddlers could wander off, as well as, put down foam block padding so little feet don't burn on the hot wood, and a sandbox on top of that. Doesn't take much to make my day! While were there Gabe played for a good hour out there. He loves the sandbox! So I duplicated Anna's design somewhat. I put down the foam, moved our sandbox up to the deck, moved the kiddie picnic table up, and for now just put a gate up until Paul builds one. It could be awhile. On warmer days I just cover the sandbox and put the water table or kiddie pool out. Now all I need is a screen door and we'll be set. I can watch Gabe play while I make lunch/dinner, because that my friends, is the witching hour. It has really given me some much needed sanity. I much prefer that than defaulting to a video to appease them.

So Anna, this blogs for you! Thank you for sharing your idea. I hope it helps some other Mommy's out there too. Now, I just need a bigger deck, hee hee. Oh, and did I mention Paul loves it too because he doesn't have to rotate the sandbox to various spots in the yard to keep the lawn nice. Happy Mommy, happy Daddy, happy family.


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