June 24, 2009

Water Baby

This is how I've been keeping my 2 year occupied at 4 o'clock, or when all my other tricks don't work. I turn on the hose and let him go! He performs the same routine (go figure) of filling up a bucket, dumping it into another bucket and then pouring it on himself. Gabe is borderline obsessive with water; thank goodness he finally stopped playing in the toilet. The toilet issue just about killed me, I can be a bit over obsessive about germs and hand washing, so to find my toddler using bath toys in the potty almost pushed me over the edge. Suffice it to say, our tub-time toy collection has widdled away considerably; no amount of bleach could erase the super bugs I was creating in my mind. Bit off the beaten track there. The hose will keep this guy busy for a good hour, give or take a snack break or tractor ride here and there. It has been nice in our recent heat wave, but I am not looking forward to my utility bill next month! An update of our visit with the D.A.N doctor should be posted this week, very excited about going forward!


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