July 21, 2009

In The Still Of The Night

So, I've been absent from the blogosphere for a few weeks. My previous post was even more telling, perhaps foreshadowing even, now re-reading it weeks later. I posted Curveball at about 1 am that Monday morning July 6th. At 3am my cell phone rang, and a frantic woman was on the other end of the line screaming that my husband had just been in a terrible car accident and was laying half dead on the interstate. I have never felt as much panic, fear, and sheer helplessness in my life. I heard the ambulance arrive and the paramedics talking to him, only clinging to the words of the kind bystander, "hon, this is bad". I phoned everyone within a 20 mile radius to come to my house immediately and planned on hitching a ride to the hospital with the first to arrive. My life flashed before me. My daughter had waken, and at 4 years old, could see I was visibly shaken. Tears ran down her cheeks and she kept asking why Daddy was hurt. After my phone calls I quietly sat her down and explained that Daddy had been in an accident but was on his way to the hospital and I was going to go be with him. I tried to pretend like everything was going to be okay, and we said a prayer for her Daddy. As I sat there impatiently staring out the window waiting for the headlights of the first arrival, Audrey disappeared. I soon found her in my bedroom and asked what she was doing. She said, "making your bed for you Mommy". Such a sweet angel girl. A smile found it's way to my face through the fear. This was all going to be okay.

My sister arrived to stay with the kids (who has been my rock through all of this). My brother in-law arrived shortly after and we left for the hospital. When we arrived, Paul was being wheeled into surgery, and I was allowed to see him for just a moment; but that moment was all I needed. A physical touch, a confirmation that he was indeed alive. He had sustained some major head injuries, repaired during surgery. He had also fractured his ribs, pelvis, ankle, and spine. He was in an induced coma for two days and on a ventilator.

I never went to see the remains of the car. From what I hear, not much is left. He had apparently fallen asleep at the wheel, rolled the car several times before being ejected onto the interstate.

God has given me such courage through this time. Paul is now out of the hospital, has a funny haircut(by Audrey standards), some real bad scars, a cast, some knocked out teeth, and alot of pain. He, by God's grace sustained no brain swelling or damage. He's walking without the use of a walker now, climbing stairs, and getting himself dressed. Praise God! We thought we were going in the right direction, but God put Paul flat on his back to make sure it stayed that way. I will never be able to thank God enough for sparing my husbands life. For protecting his body, albeit broken, in time it will heal. This experience has had such a great impact on our lives already, it is bound to provoke tremendous change and momentous beginnings. The outpouring of support has been phenomenal. In fact, my next post is already in the works thanking my friends, family, associates for their kindness and generosity.

Despite the mounting circumstance that seems to be coming in form of waves these days, I will continue to be thankful. I will continue to thank God for my life, my strength, and for new possibilities. Through him ALL things are possible.


  1. This should prove that angels exist; the angels here on earth that keep us believing in miracles, and the guardian angels that perform the miracles, convincing us that they are indeed real.

    Sending healing thoughts to your family. I am so relieved to hear that Paul is home.

  2. It seems that recovery is going quickly. At least from this distance. I'm sure every day seems to last a year for you. You're such a good testament to your faith. I'm so proud to be your aunt.
    God grant you serenity.......

  3. So glad you join the "Bliss" party. I wouldn't have found you otherwise (well, perhaps I might have). I just wanted you to know that your husband and your family will be in my prayers. I'll be back to see how all of you are doing.


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