August 30, 2009

You Know You're A Mom When...

-You use spit as a cleaning agent.

-You use counting to three as a means to silence.

-You only shave your legs as far up as needed: thigh for shorts, knees for capris, pants...who cares!

-You've actually written out a check with a crayon, or grocery list.

-Your catlike reflexes evolve to the point of catching spit up.

-You're jealous of your friends mini-van.

-Going to the grocery store alone is the best time you've had all week.

-When you read the paper...oh never mind.

-You lose track of your cup of coffee at least once a day and end up pouring another cup; rarely is it ever warm.

-You haven't had an uninterrupted phone call for at least a steady year.

-You know all the Disney princesses, their prince charmings, their social security numbers, blood types, and pre-princess scullery maid songs word for word.

-You begin a conversation, "you'll never believe what was on Blue's Clue's the other day".

-You can assemble and disassemble a pack n play in NASCAR fashion under 1 minute.

-You've can similarly in the aforementioned fashion, unfold the stroller one-handed while talking on the cell phone and grabbing one of the children darting into the parking lot with your right foot/leg.

-Saying either "I'm warning you" or "last chance", becomes as complacent as "hello".

-You master "the look".

-You actually wear the old nursing bra if you're behind on laundry.

-Will purposely drive aimlessly in the car if the kids fall asleep, so they won't wake up.

-Say, "oh poopey" when someone cuts in front of you in traffic.

-You actually get more accomplished when kids come over for a play date.

-Realize you've been singing along to Wheels on the Bus CD for 5 minutes in the car, and notice the kids aren't in the car with you. (Must have been one of those rare times on the way to the grocery store alone.)

-You have or are experiencing the following side effects: loss of sleep, irritability, frequent memory lapse, impaired judgement without appropriate caffeine intake, super human ability to multi-task, loss of romance in relationship, frequency of ponytail and jammy wearability, feel everlasting unconditional love, find renewed faith in the fact that miracles do exist and happen daily, and lastly discover the secret to life simply by looking into your child's eyes.


August 24, 2009

On Compliments...

Well friends, here we go, another blimp of non-sensical blah-blah-blah on my random radar. I really just have an overwhelming need to jot this tidbit down. Now I have drawn my conclusion not randomly or due to one or two instances, but rather over the course of many years and much observation. Now see if this scenario sounds familiar?

Woman #1: "Wow, you look great. Love your dress!"

Woman #2 (in stunning dress): "Oh thanks, I got it on the clearance rack for $20 at ____insert store here."

Now I am as guilty as any of being woman number two. My point (finally) here is, that women are so often times unable to accept compliments and rather offset the compliment with the cost, the deal, or the ol' "oh, this old thing". Now I just wonder to myself, why? Why are we unable to just say "thank you" be gracious and accept the darn compliment? Is it a self-esteem issue? Do we pride ourselves on looking great on a dime? Are we just deterring the awkwardness? I sat down and thought about it, before blogging here and I have no idea. I honestly think it is ingrained in me from an early age. Perhaps not hearing my mother or peers freely accept a compliment has now evolved into a vicious cycle of nonacceptance. It is just so funny to me because I hear it all the time, and admittedly am guilty of the same infraction 90% of the time!

Well ladies, I say we have to snap out of it; break the cycle. I want to be an example for my daughter and if someone gives me a compliment, it doesn't mean it's up for debate, just accept what they are saying is from their heart and go with it. We allow a bit of self-admiration and then knock ourselves down. I must say my husband used to compliment my looks often. And what did I do? You guessed it, always had to retort. My cheese thighs, big butt, double chin. It was always something. I don't know if I will ever be satisfied with "me" on the outside, but I like the inside. I am trying to teach my kids that very lesson. So shouldn't I cut myself some slack too? God made us all beautiful in his eyes, always beautiful to our partner, always beautiful to our children, despite how much we paid for the dress. If I'm big enough to accept my strengths and shortcomings on the inside, I should sure be able to accept the same on the outside. Maybe and just maybe, subconsciously, as moms, friends, women, we know that what's on the inside is so much more important, that's why we can't as willingly accept the "outer" compliments. Because in the great scheme of things it really bears no merit right?

Or maybe not:)

August 05, 2009

Operator Error

Today, I was just thinking to myself, that I needed a good laugh. Well, as I have been abundantly receiving lately, ask and you shall receive. So my princess diva (hence the pink font color, respectfully) wants to be a singer when she grows up. She is 4 going on 14. Our little boom box, is that what they are even called anymore, finally died awhile back; RIP. No biggie I thought, I'd run right down to Walmart and pick up a new one for twenty bucks or so. Hummm, the twenty dollar boom box/Cd player seems to average in the forty to fifty dollar range these days. Target, Toys R Us, and various other retailers pretty much held firm on that price as well. That just seemed ridiculous to me for a kid's Cd player whose shelf life would be ticking the moment it left the box. Then I spotted the Barbie Radio and Ipod dock, oh and on clearance for ten bucks. Okay, so I downloaded all her favorite songs onto my ipod (which is just really Mela Kamin, Summer in my Soul, Cd) and plugged it in.

Audrey was beyond excited. She is now able to do her performance concerts for any available, but not necessarily willing, audience; and listen to her music when she goes to bed at night. A few days ago we had a large number of young friends in and out of the house and in everything and every room. I heard rumor of a certain 7 year old trying to get the ipod into the dock correctly and saying it wasn't working properly. Luckily, that night I was able to get it working again save one minor malfunction; the volume. Good Lord, if anything why can't the AM radio go to heck, or even the tuner. Well, Audrey still fell asleep to Mela's melodies on full blast. She just needed to listen so badly, volume was not an issue; for her anyway.

The next day, I took the Barbie dock to Grandpa, he's the pretty handy type and thought he could either figure it out, jimmy rig it somehow, or tell me it's broke, I just I would've only been out the ten dollars. So I set up the Barbie Pod and began to explain my problem while turning the dial and saying, " change". Grandpa looked up and down the pink monstrosity, with blinding pink jeweled fluoresce spewing from the flower speakers. He then just busted out laughing mumbling something about how his Alzheimer's wasn't as bad as he had thought. He pulled me around to the other side of the dock and showed me the dial CLEARLY marked volume, I had been turning the dial clearly marked tuning. We got a good laugh out of that one for the rest of the evening.

Laughter is so good for the soul, oh, how I missed it; gotta do that more:)

August 03, 2009

Blogging For Bliss

Today in celebration of Tara Frey's book, Blogging For Bliss, one of the blogs I admire most Artsty Mama, is hosting a blog party. We are posting why we blog, how we came to blog, or why we dare to blog.

Although I am fairly new to the blogosphere if you will, I find it to be so rewarding. It helps me to see clearly, perhaps sort out my thoughts. I'm so often times a speak before I think kind of girl, so blogging helps me to sort through my brain clutter a bit. I started blogging shortly after my 2 year old son's diagnosis with Autism. I thought my blog would soon be renamed the "Autism Times", however, it was quite the opposite. In a life that seemed to be all consumed with Autism and diets and therapies, my posts didn't reflect that. In fact I don't often times post about Autism, not that I don't have anything to report on the matter, but my posts reflect what I feel inspired about at that moment. That was a wonderful discovery! I had found a way to see outside of the bubble I had been living in. To see that I was LIVING. I found myself and my voice in my posting, and I kinda like me.

My family and I are facing a lot of trials right now, and perhaps this should be the time when I blog the most; to find clarity. There will be so many changes to come, and I'm okay with that, maybe even a little excited.

Blogging IS bliss, release, truth (good or bad), and perspective. Thanks to all of you who blog and who read my blog.



August 02, 2009

To Be Loved

Over the past few weeks, I have be overwhelmed by the amount of unconditional love I have felt. So many people have opened their hearts to me and my family in our time of need, as Paul is once again in the hospital. I have had no needs, because they have all been cared for without me so much as asking. My house was packed up and moved, there was a garage sale, bountiful supply of food, and money. My family and I have found shelter, physically and emotionally, in the loving arms of our friends and family. All I have to give is my thanks, which will never be enough. But please to all of you who gave of your time, finances, or said a prayer; know that you will always be in my prayers. My memories of the this time will always be hard, but I will be comforted by the memories of the support I've felt and DO feel.

With sincere gratitude and love,