February 24, 2010

What Did You Say?

Yesterday, I took the kiddos to Coldstone Creamery.  Albeit was in the single digits, I had promised, and well it sounded good.  Gabe chose Vanilla with Gummy Bears, we're trying to wean him off the dairy and casein, but it would've just been plain cruel to eat it in front of him.  Audrey chose straight strawberry, no tempting toppings for her!  And I chose chocolate with Twix mixed in.  Look, it was that or a shot of vodka, I'll explain later. 

At home we were all sharing bites, and Audrey asked what was in my ice cream.  I said Twix, which she replied, "sticks?  gross mom."  I asked if she would like a bite and she declined.  I guess I got the easy way out and didn't have to share.

More on what prompted the ice cream inducing binge soon, all I have to say is I received an email that was mistakenly sent to me rather than the intended person.  It involved the school district and my son, so for now, I'm cooling off, debating whether to go on the war path, or let it go and take the high road.  More to come tomorrow....


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