March 23, 2010

Running Shoes

As anyone knows who reads this blog, I have some well worn tread on my running shoes, and friends, it's unfortunately not from jogging. I'm always running after my precious little guy, Autism or not, age three just plain stinks. Why must you test the boundaries every five minutes young one? Alas, a mother shall never know. Anyway, I feel compelled to share the subtle theme interwoven throughout my day. Living your passion and getting what you want. First, waiting for Gabe at therapy and  reading Audrey the book, Incredible Me, by Wayne Dyer, if you haven't read it, FABULOUS children's book! It was just so cool, like every life lesson I want to teach my kids all in one little book, and it rhymes:) So anyway, a recurrent theme in the book was finding something you love to do, seeing yourself doing it and putting it into action. Next example, I went to Como Zoo today with the kids. And before I go any further, might I just state for the record that it disturbs me greatly that there is a crack in the plexi-flexi-obviously-not-gorilla-proof-glass window between me and my precious ones (and 50 other's precious ones) and the gorilla family of 5! Yikes! I guess that's what you get at a free zoo. Note to self, increase donation upon next visit. But I love seeing all the seniors who volunteer their time at the zoo. I love how they interact with the children, and just exude joy. They always have a friendly smile and a tender word. Then I thought, is this their passion? Is it their love for animals, or maintaining such a beautiful (albeit slightly cracked) facility, the love of children, or seeing the wonder in Audrey's eyes at seeing the "13 inch giraffe" (it was 13 feet), or perhaps the gracious donation of their time to care for a community treasure. Are they living their passion? Have they lived their passion? Finally, I'm reading Tommy Newberry's, The 4:8 Principle, and in the summary of Part One, he posed this question, "In what ways have you been waiting for joy, instead of seeking it?" Now I'll go full circle people. I know I need to find my passion, I have alot of passions, and I would love to do so many things. Seriously, I just can't even decide; I know, tough problem to have right?  I don't even let a case of the hows get in the way, I know if it is meant to be, it will be. God will create a path for my purpose. But, am I sitting by and waiting for that just to come to me when instead I should be lacing up those sneakers and going after it? So I am running. Always running after Gabe, after my to do list, after the laundry. But not running after my passion. I suppose I allow myself and my "gotta dos" and "should be doings" and "more importants" talk me out of it, but I've got one shoe on, lacing up the second and I'm going to get myself set on the starting line.  Join me won't you?

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