May 24, 2010

Blinded By the Light

Summer has indeed arrived, with a bang.  That is par for the course here in Minne-snowda it seems.  We're in hot, humid 90 degree weather when just last week it was 40 degrees.  Humph.  Anyway, I'll take it any way I can get it.  I do enjoy the cold weather though, I would not like and do not like the humidity year round, that would make for a very crabby Cari.  And I think I have some sort of allergy to the sun, which explains my year round pasty-ness.  My suntan is indeed broken.  Just doesn't happen anymore.  I chalk it up to years of sun damage as a child and teen.  We had a swimming pool growing up and my mom was a sun worshipper, the only time we wore sunscreen was if we were already sunburned.  So I was always a beautiful golden brown.  In high school, "laying out" became a daily past time and growing up in the south, there was ample time to accomplish it.  When winter came, I hit the tanning bed.  But now I can't tan if I tried.  I'm a hat wearing, shade loving, SPF 70 kind of girl.  In fact as I am sitting here in the direct sun (lathered up in 70) on the deck watching my kids play in the sprinkler I am breaking out into red blotches as we speak, itchy things too.  Is there such a thing as a sun allergy?  Ghostly as I may be, I won't give in to societal pressure to be "tan".  I shall continue my pasty reign with the likes of Nicole Kidman and Taylor Swift (trust me only likening myself in shade not beauty). 

So I appropriately renamed this post, "Blinded By the Light" in reference to my skin tone, or lack thereof, instead of  "Summer has arrived'.  Veered off topic as usual.  I had intended for this post to reflect the welcoming of a new season, instead because I can rarely hold a steady thought for more than 3 minutes it is about tanning.  Only in BOMS (Bubble Gum....) will you experience such randomness.  Apologies friends. 

Here I'll end, I need to find a slice of shade before I turn polka-dot!  Enjoy the days of summer!
Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.


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