May 13, 2010

Signed, Sealed, Delivered....

And so it ends. Well at least the marriage portion. Been going through the big "D" and don't mean Dallas. Sorry my country roots took hold there and I could NOT resist. My divorce was finalized yesterday. Bittersweet. One certainly doesn't anticipate divorce, or foresee it as you are reciting vows in the glow of the candlelight on a beautiful September evening. But here I am, Ms., Miss, ready to mingle, who knows. I really don't want to blog a great deal on the subject, it's still sinking in. I must confess it was terribly nerve racking to be on the witness stand in a courtroom semi-full of other divorcee-wannabes answering questions about "irrevocable breakdowns" and such. Luckily for me, I was 2nd on the docket and didn't have to sit through the Olson's fighting over fishing tackle and baseball mitts, I kid you not there was a whole discussion prior to court including their over paid legal eagles arguing for them over fishing tackle at 200 bucks an hour. Anyway. Done. I feel good about it as aforementioned in post previous.

On to the good news....Gabe got accepted into Autism Day Treatment in the fall, AT school choice number one! Overwhelming relief. I am so excited; this will be great for the kiddo. Unfortunately, his OT called me at home tonight and told me she and his Speech Therapist were going to a new center in four weeks! Gimme a break now! I was crushed, but understand and fully support their decision. They are like part of our family. I would follow them in a New York minute, but, we would've been leaving there in the fall anyway, so I'm torn. So that is the decision that now lies before me. Stay on where we are and introduce new therapists only to leave in the fall and be introduced to more new therapists. Or, follow our dear miracle workers to a new location and leave in the fall to new therapists? It's a toss up. Of course the OT and ST can't say follow me (wink), although they'd be overjoyed if so, I just want to make sure Gabe has an easy transition. Any thoughts? I’m welcoming opinions on the matter as I have only a smidgen of brain matter left and must reserve said smidgen for sorting of laundry, writing grocery lists, paying the occasional bill, and of course driving the “therapy run” 4 times a week in rush hour.

Well I will put an end to your misery of this random and mind numbing post and go get some much needed sleep, I usually don't allow myself to blog after midnight (hah, hah) so forgive the spelling and grammar as it goes from bad (the norm) to worse.

A blessed night to you all, I hope you awaken to a new door opening, a new dream fulfilled, and a full heart.

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