June 24, 2010

Echo, echo, echolalia...

Today I took the kids to see Toy Story 3.  This was a great moment of anticipation in our house.  My children watch either TS 1 or 2 once a week.  It was really cute, the drama queen was scared and a bit shaken in some parts, have to admit it had a dark tone and an incinerator scene, but fantastic ending, two thumbs up.  So I had promised the kiddies I'd take them, we opted to go to the "normal" version, not 3D (why does everything have to be 3D now).  How was I going to swing a GFCFSF movie for the boy?  Usually the only thing that keeps him going in the movies are the snacks.  I have no remorse about stuffing my purse with goodies for him, but I was wondering how he'd deal with not getting the other treats.  The theater was fantastic by the way, can't say enough, I had explained his dietary restraints and asked if I could bring snacks in AND they even gave me an empty popcorn bag to put his homemade popcorn in just like his sisters.  Of course I then felt obliged to spend 18 dollars at the snack bar to show how grateful I was, even though I probably had enough treats in my bag to easily feed the first ten rows.  Suffice it to say, the boy's popcorn bag was nearly empty by the time the previews were over (little nervous).  And jeez, half and hour of stinkin' previews, sheesh.  Of course he sat so well during those too.  The last half an hour of the movie was shaky.  He was hopped up on jelly bellies and Dum Dums and in and out of the seat more than I care to recant.  The theater was only half full, so that didn't bug me so much, and he is only 3, so he can't obstruct anyone's view.  The part I was befuddled about was the "echolalia".  Some children with Autism have severe echolalia, where they will repeat things they hear consistently or recite or script things.  We haven't had a huge problem with echolalia, but seeing as he's really only just begun to talk, I would suppose not.  So I've been watching him, deciphering incidents of note, whether or not it is indeed echolalia and deferring to the Speech Pathologist.  It seems the only time the boy hits strides of echolalia or scripting most often, is when there are alot of people talking at once and he just repeats what is heard.  Well...loud movie theater, overstimulated visually plus sugar equalled the recitation of Toy Story 3 by the boy.  And if I haven't mentioned this before, Gabe doesn't understand and can't do "inside voice".  I tried to shush him to no avail and  ultimately I gave up.  It's a kids movie, no one really seemed to care, so I let it go.  Apologies to all the wonderful parents who didn't shush us in the theater.  So tomorrow I'll go report to the speech path, I'm sure she'll shrug it off, as she is on the recovery bandwagon, which I LOVE, that is the goal after all.  We started probiotics four days ago, which can cause a few weeks of regression before progression, so I'm on high alert as is.  I have seen some near miraculous progress since we went totally GFCFSF.  Unbelievable.  It is worth all the headache, heartache, and cooking and cooking and cooking.  What a little trooper.  Love my little guy more than words can say. Oh, and I heart you too Pixar, well done.


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