June 20, 2010


In an effort to ignore the fact that today was Father's Day, and almost the year anniversary of my life spiraling out of control, I did what I do best...1)took a nap, long overdue might I add, and 2)cleaned out the toy room while the kid's were with their Dad. This picture is POST clean-up! Wha-what? I took two paper grocery bags of stuffies alone to good will today, how did this happen? I know I may be like a broken record here, expounding upon the "things multiply while you're not looking", i.e. stuffies, Easter basket grass, and plastic play food. Perhaps my blog is not a forum for venting about my crazy life, but will prove in years to come to be the scientific proof of the "purging=multiplication" theory with major emphasis on children's toys and general pain in the a#$ items (which generally require vacuum attachments). Of course, I had warned the drama queen, that I would be taking some stuffies to good will, and spouted the some kids don't have toys, we must be generous, we are blessed lines, etc. So I told her to tell me the top 5 stuffies she couldn't live without. Trust me, this is something I could not do without her having prior knowledge, she is a stuffy hoarder, she knows each one, and loves them all, and knows if one goes missing. There was a general mourning period when she arrived home which involved tears and drama. I appreciate her love for the stuffy, I was that way with dolls as a child; and I still wear a scar from the time my Dad "purged" in a rage, except he threw all of my stuffies and dolls away. I'm still heartbroken. I don't know how we accumulate so many darned stuffies! As of late we inherited 200 plus Beanie Babies, which I have been weaning down and donating to many friends, to their dismay, many a playmate has a beanie or two squirreled away in their bag as they leave a play date, hee hee. I feel that I have made it clear to relatives that stuffies do not make good gifts, however, this seems not apply to Grandmothers...grrrr. The toy box pictured above is dedicated to stuffies alone. Is not a large toy box full enough? I am just dumb-founded that after the donation sort, after the children and I cleaned up before bed, it (toy box) was again overflowing. I probably stood there in dismay for a minute or two. All I can do is chalk it up to the P=M theory of pain in the butt kiss.

On a fantastic note, my nap was beyond phenomenal. I slept so well. You Mommy's know that after you have kids, you never sleep the same again. Who knows if I reach REM or not, my continual fatigue leads me to believe no. But I sit straight up in bed if I hear a shuffle, moan, or peep. Just knowing they were not here allowed me the chance to enjoy a dreamy deep sleep. That was my Father's Day gift to myself, as Monday through Saturday, with the exception of four hours on Sunday, I am Mom and Dad. So, I had a million other things I could've done, but I didn’t. I'm rather proud of myself. I did scold "baby-daddy" for his lack of discretion about feeding the kids junk all the time without concern for the ingredients, GFCFSF, for the boy and just sugar intake in general. He did oblige, and to my knowledge didn't buy them any gas station goodies. But, I also sent along some amazing Chocolate-Cherry cupcakes, which are divine, and well worth the four dollar price tag, a piece!


  1. oh to sleep....my little FP is at her pappas house today... she'll be home later today... im gonna stay in my pjs allll day.... and try to catch up on the sleep... I wish I could purge some of our stuffies... but I fear the consequences of the wrath of my child should a single one dissappear.... I envy your accomplishment : ) yay for purging of stuffies... note to self: stop buying them!!! lol

  2. Oh,jammie day, divine! I know, I'm not sure which is worse, living with the zillion stuffies, or facing the tears, meltdowns, etc. of the "lost" ones.

  3. This sounds like a lovely, re-filling sort of day. I tried to convince my five-year-old to choose 5 stuffies to give away, and I had total mutiny to deal with. For a while.... she's getting used to it, though. Your multiplication theory must be correct!

    Nice blog :)

  4. Thanks Sarah! It was a great day, I do dread clean-out day, but I'm not a good momma when there's clutter around:)


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