June 27, 2010

The Weeks Bottom 10

Here is how this is going to go down, for reasons which will become clear momentarily, I shall not even attempt to assemble any of my nonsense in paragraph form, infact, you'll be fortunate to get complete sentences. For lack of venting purposes I shall air my grievances in list form. It's been "one of those weeks", yes it can always get worse, yes I've tried to shift my thinking to the positive, yes I've said a prayer in the car, before bed, at the table, in quiet times, and on my gosh darn knees. Sometimes a whole lot of irritating little things just add up to "one of those weeks".

1. My feet hurt so bad that my toenails ache. Is that really possible? Cute over comfort? What was I thinking?

2. My brain is fatigued... have to work the weekend...is it over yet?

3. Jerks who hacked into my bank account this week....choice words, thinking of torture methodology...already prayed to be forgiven for that rant, run...and hide hackers! I know you stole my money to pay for a kidney operation, buy baby formula, and pay your rent so you’re not living in a box….right?
4. Hates when things/people stop being fun or at least semi-enjoyable, and get too serious; sometimes life is going to be just plain shitty, but I've lived to tell the tale, brighter days are ahead; you can't get too bogged down otherwise you take everyone around you with ya.

5. Wonders why I pay my family to babysit my children...oh yeah...

6. Has hidden some "friends" posts on Facebook because I really don't care what you are having for breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days a week already!!!! If I were a braver girl, I just wouldn’t care or would make a witty comment so you get the point (people are talking an nobody likes it, daily groan) or would de-friend you, but not so brave.  Scene: Cari runs and hides behind blog.  End scene.

7. I’m just saying...would not give up one and only visitation day with children to go on alleged date with new girl-friend...just saying...if it were me...which it isn't...because I don't even have time to pee let alone find the time to "date"....just saying.

Fyi…giving up precious hours of sleep to blog…umm, while I pee….

8. Don't like the angry resentment stricken me this week, trying to correct it.  Hoping list format accelerates correction time.

9. I didn't get the mind reading gene, so if you have something to say to me, say it; I thank you in advance.

10. Blogger is a pain in the booty, takes too long to edit correctly even if I c&p from another source, and would like an updated spell check in the house, and sure readers would appreciate grammar as well.  Note cannot get 3 and 4 to space properly even though it appears so, it LIES.  Would switch to Wordpress, but I've got to pee.

11. Is glad that it is one more day until a day off, which many a mounting project is now completed and off my plate, is proud of myself for accomplishing so much this week and not going totally bonkers.


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