July 01, 2010


I should begin while a big ol' apology for the bi-polar postings the last week or so. I went from reality TV, to pissed off, to energy tapping, coming to Jesus aaaannnndd full circle. Crazy what can happen in a week, right? Just goes to show, when you push the toxicity out of your life, you then invite in the blessings. The good can't flourish if the negativity is holding it down/back. So, anyway....

Great few days here on the Bubble Gum front. The end is in sight that I may actually be leaving my parents home sooner than expected! No words people, cheers:) Tt will a be year we've lived here since our family fell apart and we lost our home.  If all goes as planned, perhaps a September move and then I wouldn't have to switch schools mid-year for the Drama Queen's first year of Kindergarten. That just makes me giddy. I feel like she gets the shaft sometimes all the time because our world revolves around Gabe and therapy, school, temperament, etc.

Speaking of the Autism center of the universe, there is some beyond phenomenal news there. Gabe has now been with his current therapists a little over a year. We do DIR floor time therapy (just in case any of you therapy junkies were wondering) and it works for us. There are so many choices out there, you've gotta do what's right for your kiddo. Anyhoo- standardized speaking ( and this is soooo general, because I’m sooo sleepy, comment or email me with any questions); he is not classified as "severe" on the Spectrum anymore, big improvements, woot! And following the Greenspan model of testing, last year he was a 3 out of 6 on the scale and a year behind developmentally; he is now a 5.8 out of 6 and 2 months behind developmentally. Woot, woot and cartwheels. I am so proud of that kid...heck, I'm proud of myself. I have worked so hard with him, drove and drive 50 miles a day, diets, and therapies and IT IS ALL WORTH IT; doot do do do (me, tooting my own horn). This latest eval is just from his OT, so speech development is definitely not at the same level, but fast approaching. This kid who said 50 words or less last year, is now super vocal, attempting new words all the time, putting two words together, saying "I", and get this, grab your hankies; at aquatic therapy the other day, he was having a fit about dipping his feet in the hot tub and said, "I scared". Tears streamed down my cheeks friends. That is the first time he has EVER used a word describing his own emotion. I'm a proud Momma, and that kid is coming out of his shell, he is joining us in this wonderful world and connecting. And yes, therapy has been exceptional, but the Gluten Free, Casein Free, Soy Free diet has really unlocked that little black box and it's all just clicking. It's like Christmas every day here.

So that sums it up, I have to check out here, super early morning quickly approaching, and I spent the entirety of the day outside with the kids today. I'm going to have a look-see at the burn damage, and that's after SPF 70. I should wear reflective gear in the winter as my skin tone is camo for snow.

Happy Friday, have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend. I'm going to try to get the kids to stay awake for fireworks this year. A very heartfelt thank you to all the men and women who serve our country, I am now and always deeply grateful for your sacrifice.


  1. Wow! Unbelievable that he said "I scared"! Congratulations!
    I know you'll be glad to get into your own place. Hope everything works out!

  2. Yay : ) You.... are an amazing.... wonderful..... dedicated momma.... : ) So glad things are going well with ur little man : ) Ahhh.... kindergarten... OMG my daughter's school has been slotted for full time... they have never done fulltime KG... its gonna be a funnfilled bumpy road I am sure : ) We'll have some laughs and cries along the way I am sure : ) As for the moving.... it's gonna be amazing when you have your own place : ) Trust me... You will LOVE it!

  3. I am so proud of Gabe's accomplishments. I know that you and your committment to his health and well being is more than amazing. May GOD continue to bless all your work and his through your family.

  4. Thanks Ladies!!! I know I am sooo proud of my guy and myself for pushing through this year. It has really been a year of self-discovery. Little man is just meeting his goals right and left, no doubt he'll mainstream in a few years. And kindergarten, oh my...Mimosa's at my house girls:) I'll provide the Kleenex too,lol.


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