July 26, 2010

Beautiful Lessons

Today I just had to repost what Maggie May over at Walk On The Happy Side blogged about, and her post was a reposting of Dave Hingsburger's, Down Syndrome, Off The Clock post.  Did that make sense, lol.  I want to make sure both of these amazing bloggers get their dues.

To read the post, click here.

It is a fantastic recount of someone else's perspective, a life lesson not taught in a classroom, just by an overheard conversation.  It brought tears to my eyes, hope it touches you in the same way, or at least allows you and I if only for a moment to stand outside of ourselves and our "better judgement" to view the world just as it should be if we only wouldn't get in the way.


  1. Chills. That's real good stuff right there. Real good. XO!


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