August 13, 2010

Just A Boy And His Tractor


We're coming up on Birthday number four, for the boy.  By two years of age he was obsessed with John Deere tractors.  So...for birthday number two, the boy received this motorized tractor.   For almost two years, the extent of "riding" the tractor was me putting him in a holding pattern and him watching the wheels turn.  Straight-faced always, emotionless, he'd slam into a tree without a peep.  I was thrilled last year when he figured out reverse, but then it just meant me chasing after him to keep him in a safe holding pattern and out of the street.  The boy could not steer.  We tried to show him, he was physically unable to coordinate both sides of his body to steer the tractor.  He loved it nonetheless.  A month or two into Gabe going Gluten, Casein, and Soy free, I noticed his coordination was improving...weeks later I noticed it was VASTLY improving.  Now this week so much so, that he is brushing his own teeth and steering the tractor!  He is doing it well, AND, he is visibly enjoying it.  He's laughing and yelling, "I did it!".  He's checking back with me to see if I'm watching.  I am so proud of him, really, I'm so joyful or joy-filled for him.  To see him doing what other two year old friends were doing, I can only imagine wanting to do something so badly, and just not being able to do it.  Like language.  Fills my heart.


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