August 01, 2010

LMAO I've been trying for a good 10 minutes to upload a photo...argggg.  I'm totally computer challenged, although the poor wireless connection in my basement bedroom may contribute wilst I lay cozy in bed with the laptop.  By the way, I've never actually typed LMAO, I had to think it out while I typed it (twice), but it fits the bill today!

The kids and I were at the park today, and mid-play, drama queen announces she has to go to the bathroom.  Note: I'm sure she's now already been holding it for a good half and hour, in typical drama queen fashion, so she runs for the port-o-pots.  She's no stranger to those beauties and darts over as I mutter something about going before we leave home, yada-yada; don't know, so vague the ramblings these days...they are almost automatic.  Spooky.

Anyway she runs back within 10 seconds (by the way the port-os are 10 yards away, visible and we are the only ones at the park) apparently, there are bumble bees in both stalls.  She then proceeds to tell me I have to chase them out.  Sorry kiddo, love ya, but home is only 10 minutes away and I'm not chasing any bee period, let alone not out of a smelley Port-o-potty!

She's sits down next to me at the picnic table, head down, sighs, and says, "what a bad day, bees in the PORK-A-pots."

LMAO, my friends, LMAO.


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