August 25, 2010

Sleeping In, continued

Okay, so maybe my "sleeping in" time consisted of an hour before work, but I cherished all 60 blissful minutes of it.  I also got a little extra blogging time in, and getting to bed before 1 am.  (We'll see how long this edit takes) 

So this is a list of things I did NOT  have to do tonight because the kids were overnight at my sisters:

  • Hide my purse, which otherwise would've been tossed for treats/gum, and pennies.
  • Hide my car keys, to deter alarm button pushing mania.
  • Change the T.V. channel to Disney or Sprout before I go to bed so the kids aren't watching goodness knows what while I'm in the shower in the morning, like umm, some horror flick, or Jerry Springer.
  • Clean, clean, clean, trains, tracks, animals, toys, Lego's, etc.
  • Prepare lunch and snacks for the next day.
  • Set out clothing for the next day and pack bags.
And on that note, this morning I don't have to brush anyone's teeth but mine.
Don't have to make anyone's breakfast but my own.
Don't have to change any diapers.
Don't have to yell, ask, yell, remind, redirect or count to three.
Don't have to look for shoes, find shoes, and buckle shoes for anyone but me (and I know where mine are).
Don't have to buckle anyone in the car but me.
Don't have to listen to children's music on the way to work, I get to pick, wooohooo.

Folks I may be able to finish an entire cup of coffee While it's still warm!  I know, dreaming big.

But....I miss them, and I can't wait until they are back.


  1. What a cute post Cari. You made me laugh. I can so relate. With it being summer I have been able to sleep in a bit and only get myself up for work. But summer is just about over and my two High Schoolers will be back to school so I will once again have to get up earlier. I have two who just started college so I don't worry about them getting up. Time for them to do it on their own...LOL. Anyways, I loved reading that post. I can just imagine the extra time and energy you had...LOL. Thanks for stopping by at my blog. I tried to find you on Blogfrog but couldn't. I would like to follow you on Blogfrog if you can give me what you are under. I am under Anne. I'll be checking in on your blog again. Nice to meet you.

    Anne @

  2. Awww! I totally get this post! Last week I was going nuts! I asked my best friend to take my little girl out just for a little while so I could get some stuff done. She was only gone for 3 hours, but I started to miss her right around hour 2!

  3. Anne- Thanks for stopping by, I am brand new to blogfrog and haven't got that whole thing quite figured out yet.

    Brandi-I know bittersweet isn't it? Thanks for following, I am following your blog now too:)


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