August 19, 2010

Whoa Thomas?

When is there too much Thomas the Tank Engine?  I did not buy all of these tracks by the way, we just inherited 1/2 a Rubbermaid tote of our cousin's.  That makes for one HUGE track!  The boy see below...

is not just fascinated, but obsessed!  Had I bought all these tracks, I would've had to take out a small loan for sure.  However, had I taken out that loan, it would've been worth it because this boy plays non-stop with these trains daily.  Now I'm not is typical 3 year old behavior so I hear, and I'll take typical gladly!  And to you Thomas & Friends marketing bloodsuckers geniuses, I'm sure you'll be getting a small fortune equivalent to a college fund by the time my son is five.  And bravo on finally animating the show, much less painless.


  1. Keaton has an unhealthy love afair with wooden tracks and trains too... he plays all day and sets up a new track in every room in the house... he's even set up a track along the lip if the tub so he could play trains while scrubbing up... we too have a fortune in Thomas the Train - we should hook the two up for some play time...

  2. Erin- We're there!!! And yes, the paint has peeled from many a train because of the long soak they receive in the tub!


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