September 01, 2010


Hello everyone.  Sorry I split there for awhile, I had a crazy work weekend into week and I am constantly on the phone and scrambling to arrange every detail of BOTH the kids starting school in 6 days.  (Shameless blubbering)  The drama queen will be off to kindergarten and daycare and the boy will be off to Autism Day Treatment, M-F.  This is a hard transition for a once SAHM, well and I suppose for any Mom for that matter.  It's not that I'm sad, I know it will be great for both of them, I am saddened at how quickly the time passed.  Don't you just hear that all the time when you have your little one, "cherish the time now, they grow up in a blink of an eye", you know....I just politely smiled and nodded and agreed and just thought, whatever.  Well, I just said it the other day...yes...I....did.  *sigh*  I have now become that which I rolled eyes my mother.

I am pretty sure I can handle the first day of school with heavy medication, a drink and chocolate, but what I am dreading the most is to happen tomorrow.  Our last day with our Occupational Therapist and Speech Therapist for the last year plus.  They love Gabe sooo much, and all the progress he has made would not even be possible if not for their endless hours of love and dedication for my son; for my family.  Really, through all our ups and downs the last year, with the exception of me, they have been Gabe's constant.  The therapist are throwing him a party tomorrow, and we will collectively sob tears of joy.  I thought I would be able to swing still seeing them once a week along with ADT, but alas insurance/billing, is pulling us apart.  I am also confident we will be back at that practice again some day.  Gabe has many years of therapy ahead of him, and if he keeps on this fabulous road he is, I am also certain he will only be in ADT for a year.

Of course, I had to buy them a gift.  But seriously what do you buy someone who has changed your life?  I have been struggling with this one for weeks.  I finally decided on a boo-hoo card from the heart and since they just opened a new practice and are in need of equipment went to the toy store and went Melissa and Doug bananas!  Lots of games and puppets and sensory items donated by the boy so other little kiddles can grow and learn and find their way too.  Any thoughts, is this okay?

I will always be so grateful for them.  I call them the miracle workers, what they do is beyond comprehension, they pull out of my son what I cannot.  They teach me and my son what we need to survive, thrive, and grow in the little (but increasing rapidly) Autism Universe.


  1. As a speech therapist, I think the toy idea is most excellent! A heartfelt card is good, too. I received an "I Love You" Willow Angel from a child with autism that made me burst into tears!
    My advice: whatever is from the heart is the best present. Even if it's just a hug and a thank you. We don't get those enough!

  2. Mary- I was hoping you would respond to this!!! I had given them necklaces for Christmas, and gift cards are so impersonal. Thanks for all YOU do to, therapists give a piece of themselves to these amazing kids and it takes a special person to do that, THANK YOU:) And hugs they will get, in fact, they'll probably have to throw me outta there tomorrow, I'm a sad case...


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