October 20, 2010

The Lump, The Bump, and A Resurrection: Part One

Part I: The Lump

So, I've come to the conclusion that I should get my own reality show.  Really.  What would I name it?

Cari minus six with a lot less money

Stupid People, Cruel World (okay that's a bit harsh)

Cari's Believe It Or Not


I don't know, but I swear I couldn't script this stuff.  So I'm going to break the last week down for you into three parts.  Part One, The Lump.

If you're a woman, 'nuff said.  You know when someone says the word "lump" it triggers a myriad of visions and fears, exams, mammograms, and well simply put, breast cancer.  Well, I've been slacking off and haven't done a self-exam in a year.  {Now mind you, I am sharing this in hopes that I will inspire some other woman to do a self breast exam and catching the C-word early, if breast cancer is detected early, it can be treated, cured, and so on; so bear with me, it's personal}  So it is October and it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it's all around us, so I said, "self, haven't done that in awhile, I'm not getting younger, better check out the girls".  After my moments of pity during said exam where I realized that I no longer had "can go with or without a bra" boobs to National Geographic status, I felt something I can only describe like an orange circus peanut piece of candy in girl on the right.

Something was not right.  Something was there.  I was petrified.  I think I rechecked a million times.  It wasn't familiar, was it a lump?  Who even knows what a lump feels like?  We hear it all over the media like when you find a lump you'll know immediately, like it has twinkling red lights and a buzzer or something.  Boy Susan G. Komen, you sure know how to hyperventilate a girl.

I made an appointment immediately.  And while I waited...while I waited for that appointment, in the car, in the shower, at work, in my sleep, I thought about everything I could lose...if.

Suffice it to say, I was terrified.  I confided in my sister, who lovingly accompanied me to the doctors office should I need to be scraped off the floor from my puddle of blathering tears and denial.

Everything was fine.  Indeed there was need for concern, as assured my my doctor.  But after a VERY thorough exam, no lump, just a "dense ridge".  Babies and Breastfeeding change a girl forever.

So I inquired then, how will I know?  Apparently a "lump" feels almost like a pea or marble.  You can get your fingers all the way around it.  Well, good to know, I was clueless up to this point. 

I am so thankful.  An answered prayer for me, but probably not for some other Mom out there.  Right now, someone is finding a lump and thinking what if, right now, someones doctor is relaying some life altering news, right now someone....

The whole experience was enough to shake me to my core.  I encourage all you ladies to do an exam, my prayer for you is that you are healthy and marble free.

Next, Part 2, The Bump.


  1. Found you on the Nestwork. Had a lump myself last year ( was nothing, thankfully), but yes, women need to pursue it! Good to know you're in the clear.


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