November 20, 2010

Just Gotta....

Sorry, I just have to do it.  That's right, put my in my two cents and jump on the "major upset" bandwagon.  I am a reality television junkie, but missed last nights DWTS, a.k.a. ABC's Dancing With The Stars.  I was certainly surprised to hear the outcome.  Brandi and Maks voted off, and Bristol Palin and Mark IN!  Facebook has been a-buzz with the news.  You would've thought health care reform passed or something...wait....And how many posts proclaim if she wins, they'll never watch again.  Liars.  (And I mean that in the nicest way possible)  You will watch again, next season they'll stack the celebrity contestant group with people we just love to hate.  So I'm going to play devils advocate here.  I, am really not all that upset by this.  As entertaining as it is to watch Brandi and Maks, and I love me some Maks.  He and Erin were my fave last season, he is sassy and sexy, love him!  So obviously they were my faves and I thought they had the competition in the bag.  But what irks me a bit about the show, is that yes, obviously Maks and Brandi were going to win.  She has been a singer, dancer and actress all her life.  She had basically trained for this all her life.  If she (Brandi) were to totally stink, have no rhythm and show no emotion or showmanship, that would be suspect.  This IS was she does for a living.  I couldn't expect a 16 year old to drive as well as I do, because they haven't been driving for as long as I have (only 10 or so years, HAH).  I understand the celebrity thing.  But the fun of the show is to see the people who can't dance, do it.  Unless you're Kate Gosselin, I like her, but watching her dance was like watching a puddle evaporate; long and ridiculous.  Well, that's just my opinion, I don't really care who wins...I will watch next season....and I won't be scarred for life.  Dance on Palin!

Ps.  This post may or may not reflect political views, but it is HIGHLY opinionated as usual.


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