November 02, 2010

The Lump, The Bump And A Resurrection: Part III

Part 3: A Resurrection

And....a correction.  A hopeful resurrection.  I suppose a girl can dream can't she?  If there was suppose to be more than ONE resurrection, THE resurrection wouldn't have been so significant.  And laptops don't take away the sin of the world and lil' ol' me.  Okay, clarification already.  R.I.P. Laptop.  That is the dandy little clincher to my fabulous week of woe.  I was hoping it was something minor, like a battery issue, or a virus for goodness sake.  But a black screen, zero boot, and a techie bro-in law all clued me in to the inevitable....

No more cozy blogging from my office, a.k.a. my bed.  This is going to put a serious kink in my blogging style.  I have to blog in a office chair, during normal business hours, how is a girl to create?  How is a girl to vent?  How is a girl to write and re-write four compositions before finally deciding to blog about how many times I have to pee in one day?  My world, will not, correction, has not been the same. 

I know there will be others, laptops and men that is.  But enough already.  It all looks good in the store with all the bells and whistles, and then they quit on you.  Should've got the warranty.

So here I sit, wholly uninspired, as most of my blogging takes place betwixt the magical hours of elevenish to midnight.  Mojo, gone.  Obviously.  How long did it take me to write the craptastic three part series of the events of one week, how many weeks ago?

I shall try hard to make it up to you, but promise nothing. 

In other news, Halloween is over, wooo-hoooo.  I've looted my kids bags and am ready to throw out the candy.  I do it every year.  But this year, thanks to my fab MOPS group, I got an even better idea....the sugar witch.  Stayed tuned, I'm going to try it, if all goes well, I'll be back to tell the tale.

And p.s. one of these days, I'm going to do a post and insert the suggested spell check words for all my would be pretty cantabiles (fantabulous).

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