December 07, 2010

Post It Note Tuesday-Triple Dog Dare

In the spirit of Christmas and Post It Note Tuesday, I've decided to Post some of my favorite quotes from what I believe to be one of the all time best Christmas movies ever!  The script is nothing short of brilliant, and I never tire of watching it.  It is on my bucket list to visit that house in Ohio where the movie was shot before I die.  Apparently TBS also thinks this is a great film too, as they run it for 24 hours straight on Christmas Day!  Enjoy!!!

Daddy's gonna kill Ralphie!

I can't put my arms down!

I triple dog dare ya!

It was, it was.....SOAP.

Only Parent Chronicles


  1. Best. Christmas. Movie. Ever. Thanks for the quotes!

  2. That,,, is by far the B E S T movie E V E R! Thanks for giving me a chuckle... and reminding me to watch that movie : )

  3. It may have been shot in Ohio, but I swear, the school building, inside and out, looks exactly like the one your mom and I attended in Kewaskum. It's been torn down, but, I can't help seeing it in my mind's eye every time I see that movie. I wish I had known it was on Christmas Day. I would have watched it with you. love you.


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