January 21, 2010

Sticky Situations

In life, what do we let go and what do we fight for? Some say if it's a little thing, let it go. But what is little to one person, is a mountain to another. Lately, I find myself having to let alot of things go, that are important to me. I feel like this chips away at my integrity somehow, or I feel like I'm not really being the person I am. I'm doing the best I can, and I know God will reveal his vision for my displaced family in time. I'm just wanting the time to be sooner rather than later. I live in God's word and obey him, Lord have I obeyed as of late. And I know he'll keep me strong. My speed bumps in my journey are lessening, however, the occasional speed bump is still just as bumpy.

January 07, 2010

Merry Christmas Memories


Once the dog, Max, gets out of the way, this video is so worth it! I love the innocence of it. What else says it better than a belly flop in the snow? That was Christmas day with our "White Christmas" 12 inches and our dear friend John's relentless shoveling to make the 6 foot tall sledding hill complete with tunnel. The kids played out in the snow for about 3 hours that day. The snowman and fort are on the other side. And that got me to thinking as I was looking through the pictures from Christmas. You don't see the paper strewn about the living room, or boxes piled to the ceiling, or the newest gadget or the endless batteries being inserted. That hill will be the memory which burns brightest in my children's recollection. They'll soon forget (as they already have, and it's only January) about all the toys they swooned over and begged for, for months and then received. They are now just thrown about in the toy chest with the others. And most likely those toys won't bring back memories of love, laughter and smiles. Albeit, I have had a childhood Christmas toy that did indeed do that in my memory bank (Cabbage Patch Kid, Collette Liza). This Christmas, more than ever, and exactly when my family needed it most, did we really live and breathe Christmas spirit.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year friends. Let this year be filled with love, selflessness, gratitude, laughter, and many, many warm memories. Thanks Cooley Family for a great beginning to the new year!