July 30, 2010

Puke, Slap and Squirrels

Did I get your attention with that title or what? Gone off the deep end you ask? Long, long ago my friends....so moving on...this is 3 days of sticky goodness all wrapped up in one neat long little post.

First...puke. I'll make it brief for you queasy type folk out there. Yesterday drama queen puked, only once, at her cousin's birthday party. I attribute it now to exhaustion after a 4 hour day at the Dodge Nature Center in 90 degree heat, dehydration, excitement and sugar. But at the time and last night, nursing her 101 degree temperature, I had a wee panic attack.

Queue slap...then it hit me like a ton of bricks, a four alarm slap in the face...IF drama queen is sick with flu-like symptoms, there is no way I can have the nanny come into the house of horrors so I can go to work tomorrow. Albeit my work is pretty flexible, I had a double capacity class I was teaching and had all the material with me, there is no way I could miss that. (P.s. I'd choose my kids over work any day of the week, but Momma gotta pay the bills too, no sick days for the Momma).

All of a sudden being a single Mom seemed more real than ever. In a pinch, I haven't got that "someone" to lean on (trust me tried that with BD, a.k.a baby daddy, before to no avail, several times). Drama queen popped right out of bed this morning chipper as ever, no temp and feeling great, thank God! But I still had a million "what ifs" running through my head. If the real thing don't kill ya, the "what ifs" WILL. I hate when I do that. I get my self all worked up about things that could potentially happen, what my defensive move would be...only me trying to logically organize hypothetical situations. (Sigh) Nonetheless, I'm feeling lonely today, feeling a lot of weight on my shoulders.... I know I can do it, but I feel the heaviness of it all. I liken it to laundry day, you lug all the laundry to the wash room, heavy baskets and bags, and feel almost conquered by the sheer mountainous look of it; but you know you’ll get through it, bit by bit, load by load. So I’m not feeling conquered, just gotta get through it bit by bit I guess; although the task ahead is most certainly daunting.

Finally, the dang squirrels! Real live squirrels, you know, furry, fluffy tail, fast, road kill type critters. Last night in the mist of my mini-breakdown, two rogue squirrels dart out in front of my car at two different times! Usually, a squirrel will start running out, see the car and turn around. OH NO, these rebel squirrels decided to gun it across the road and miraculously maneuver around my tires, because I swear I gripped the steering wheel and held my breath in anticipation of the "bu-bump". No bu-bumps. They made it, lived to wreak havoc on another poor driver another day. Two in one night though? What are the odds? Mild heart attack. May as well keep baby aspirin by the gum in the glove box for goodness sakes!

“Once one determines that he or she has a mission in life, that it’s not going to be accomplished without a great deal of pain, and that the rewards in the end may not outweigh the pain-if you recognize historically that always happens, then when it comes, you survive it.”           -Richard Nixon

July 26, 2010

Beautiful Lessons

Today I just had to repost what Maggie May over at Walk On The Happy Side blogged about, and her post was a reposting of Dave Hingsburger's, Down Syndrome, Off The Clock post.  Did that make sense, lol.  I want to make sure both of these amazing bloggers get their dues.

To read the post, click here.

It is a fantastic recount of someone else's perspective, a life lesson not taught in a classroom, just by an overheard conversation.  It brought tears to my eyes, hope it touches you in the same way, or at least allows you and I if only for a moment to stand outside of ourselves and our "better judgement" to view the world just as it should be if we only wouldn't get in the way.

July 22, 2010

Mahna Mahna

I think I must be a rare breed, a child of yester-year, brought
up on Sesame Street, Electric Company and Luke & Laura (steathily sneaking peeks from behind the couch as my mom watched).  So am I alone here?  Let me expound on this earth shattering topic...I have a 5 year old and a 3.5 year old and I sensor what they watch on T.V. and in movies.  They have not yet seen Shrek, Star Wars, Batman, Nickelodeon (we do watch Nick Jr.), and we boycott Saturday morning cartoons.  I just let the drama queen start watching Sponge Bob on occasion with permission when she turned five. 

Just because it's on, doesn't mean they have to watch it!!!  To each his own, but seriously, the humor is just downright disgusting in some of the "kids" shows.  My kids still watch Sesame Street and Sprout.  Bubble girl and boy, maybe, but what's the rush?  I know it's all going to come with kindergarten...but not from the mouth of my babe.  Famous last words in print.

The kids were out with their Dad on visitation day and he wanted to take them to see the new Shrek.  Drama queen piped up and said, "Uh, Dad, we aren't allowed to watch Shrek, so we'll have to do something else."  AND she was proud of herself for saying no.  She's not scarred for life or even cares that she didn't see it. 

I purchased Pinnochio when it came "out of the vault" a few years ago, and quickly took that baby out of DVD circulation in the Bubble Gum house.  Maybe it was the 4 year old calling her brother a JACKASS!  Yeah, I know old school, but it still doesn't make it okay.  I love some hidden adult humor as much as the next person, but give our kids a little credit, because they might just be a little bit more perceptive than we give them credit for.

Today drama queen called two friends we haven't seen in awhile "dirty rats".  Truth be told I could not contain my laughter and then scolded her for name calling.  I seriously have no clue where she got that one, but I think it was Alvin and the Chipmunks.  Even that for goodness sake....I don't need my 5 year singing Single Lady down the cereal aisle at the grocery store!

I let a lot slide, I'm not a total T.V. nazi, but it is becoming apparent that I do put them in the media bubble a bit more than some of their other peers. 

So if you've hung on through my rant here, I HAD to pull this treat up from you-tube, a muppet show junkie to the end....enjoy....

Dootdoodoodo....What shows are off limits for your kids? 

July 16, 2010

It's Not Fair

"It's Not Fair".  Heard from mouth of 5 year old drama queen today. 

"Well, life's not fair, sometimes".  Heard from mouth of over-tired Mommy who in retrospect after verbalizing such response has determined is turning into HER Mother, therefore breaking vow never to become her Mother.

Life isn't fair.  Proofs in the blog pudding.  I don't think things would ever change if it were.  I read this on a church bill board today, "Skillful sailors are made from turbulent waters", or something to that affect.  I love that church billboard, it always gets me thinking. 

Also heard from living room containing offspring watching a video before bed...

"Mom, they are coming out with a new movie, it's called Old Yellar".

And no, not a remake....a good laugh though, guess we'll be watching Old Yellar soon.

Have a great weekend everyone!

July 15, 2010


Yesterday was one of my days off, so that means, cooking day.  And p.s., I am the messiest cook ever.  Can't help it.  Note the aftermath.  Usually at least a good 4 to 5 hour block a week is dedicated to cooking and freezing GFCFSF meals for the next week.  There is no fast food in a GFCFSF world.  I've got it down to a science now, major multi-tasking involved to maximize time, so I can spend some of my day off with my kiddos.  I won't bore you with all the cook-a-licious details, however, I did manage to make the following:

  • 2 pints of Blueberry-Coconut ice cream
  • 12 hamburger patties
  • 12 waffles
  • 18 pancakes
  • 50 meatballs
  • 40 chicken nuggets
  • 2 batches of slightly crunchy hummus, but yummy(no overnight soak, just a quick boil)
So all Gluten, Casein, and Soy free, 100%.  Yay.  If I make everything in a big batch, I can use it for quick meals throughout the upcoming weeks.  So, I know some of you are on the "diet" as well, or have kiddos that are, so when we find good recipes, we pass them along.  The blueberry ice cream was a great success, and passed along to me by a friend.  Super refreshing, and a bit hit with the entire family.


I did tweek it and only added 2 cups of coconut milk and substituted a cup of almond milk and cut some of the sugar.
I will be so excited to move in the fall and get a another freezer, so my once a week cook-a-thon can be once a week!  A special shout out to my sweet sis who watched the kiddos plus one outside on the jumbo slide while I was in the kitchen.

And by the way, as I child, my parents gave me and my sisters a cardboard box and the hose. What happened here...I'll tell ya, Grandparents.

July 11, 2010

Not As Young As I Used To Could

This weekend was Girl's Night Out, with some of my oldest and dearest friends. There is nothing like being in the company of someone who has known you since childhood, all the good, the bad, the bangs, the New Kids on the Block:) I think girlfriends just have a way of taking all the pressure and anxiety away and reassuring you that all is well with the world, even when it may not be. We six have some history, and so we set out to paint the town. We were low key, and enjoying the beautiful outside bars of downtown, when at our last stop, someone said, "Hey, we forgot to do a shot". Curses. Worse yet, it was me, what the? My drinking skillz are quite diminutive since yesteryear. Usually two is my limit. As I had doubled my limit, the sinister suggestion spewed out. (By the way, I discovered how old I am, usually black it out, but was reminded my mid thirties were fast approaching...then reassured I could be 29 for life, whew) The waitress brought some shots, which were Cranberry juice, peach schnapps, and Jagermiester. I'm sure it had some obscene name to go with it, but I don't remember it, as I was dumbfounded at the sheer size of it. I’m sure I’ve drank my fair share of them in my younger days. Now that IS my beer on the left and that's NO shot glass on the right. AND...I had already forced down a few sips before I decided to take a picture so I could regale my story as fact and not a tall drunken tale. The waitress had no explanation for us...had someone asked for a double? She reassured us no, and said its like buy one get one free. Well, when we're talking BOGO, I'll take that on shoes, diapers, organic produce, anything but a headache in a too tall glass! Well, suffice it to say, I eventually nursed that mother lover to the end, to my beer's dismay. We all caught the train and made it home safe and sound. The next morning brought an extreme headache and regret, oh the regret. So to my sista's, love to you....shot, no love for you, I'm not as young as I used to could.

Oh, and even when I could, I couldn't... and am pretty darn certain I shouldn't have....

July 08, 2010

Challenging Gummi-Bears?

Is it possible to know the truth without challenging it first?

I'll tell you straight out, chocolate covered Gummi Bears are the best snack ever!  Skeptical are you?  Don't knock it until you try it.  I am not a huge Gummi Bear fan, but chocolate covered...well what's not good chocolate covered? 

How does one arrive at what is truth and what is not? 

I suppose for many years, we believe exactly what we are told.  We believe what we read in books, what we see on the television, what is in the newspaper.  Sometimes, we even believe truth to be what we want it to be. 

Think back to terrible two's if you will.  Those little peanuts are always challenging you, always testing and finding their boundaries.  That is how they are discovering what is truth, what is real, what is right and wrong.  It seems at some point in our lives we (well except for you rebel types, wink) we become complacent and don't bother to challenge truth anymore.  In fact, if you take elections for example, we allow others to find out the "truth" for us, and we weigh what others have put before us and make a decision.  When did we stop challenging truths ourselves?  I know, this a is broad statement, and I'm speaking in generalities of course.  I just thought this was an interesting question, and it got the wheels a' turning.

Then of course, the whole leap of faith argument creeps in.  Do we find it's more comfortable to only challenge the truths that be to our benefit.  Do we challenge truths to stir the pot, start drama?  Can we begin to challenge truth to get to just that, without thought to what the discovery will present, or as to how it will affect our life, our comfortability.  Are you one that decides truth, discovers truth or follows what others have decided it to be?

July 07, 2010

Am I Alone?

Okay, so I'm probably going to get record number of comments for this one, but I can't hold back anymore.  Am I the only one on the planet that is NOT going to see Eclipse?  Not only am I not going to see it, I don't care to.  I know, I know, strike me down.  I am sorry, but to me (and this is just my opinion people) but the acting is horrid, and the script even worse.  I'm not going to bash all the vampire/werewolf lovin' ladies for an entire post; choose teams, love on, stand in lines and swoon on my friends.  I really, really don't see what the big deal is.  Now here is my moment of confession, I have only seen the second film, not the first, nor do I care to after seeing the second film, New Moon.  I almost turned it off, but gave it a chance to redeem itself until the long bitter end.  So what is the draw? Enlighten me.  I thought this was just a tween thing, but according to the record number of postings via facebook, the ladies are lovin' some Eclipse.  Oh, and if I had to choose(twisting arm)....Jacob.  That glittery white vampire face paint is silly, just silly.  Guess I should just read the books....or not.

July 01, 2010


I should begin while a big ol' apology for the bi-polar postings the last week or so. I went from reality TV, to pissed off, to energy tapping, coming to Jesus aaaannnndd full circle. Crazy what can happen in a week, right? Just goes to show, when you push the toxicity out of your life, you then invite in the blessings. The good can't flourish if the negativity is holding it down/back. So, anyway....

Great few days here on the Bubble Gum front. The end is in sight that I may actually be leaving my parents home sooner than expected! No words people, cheers:) Tt will a be year we've lived here since our family fell apart and we lost our home.  If all goes as planned, perhaps a September move and then I wouldn't have to switch schools mid-year for the Drama Queen's first year of Kindergarten. That just makes me giddy. I feel like she gets the shaft sometimes all the time because our world revolves around Gabe and therapy, school, temperament, etc.

Speaking of the Autism center of the universe, there is some beyond phenomenal news there. Gabe has now been with his current therapists a little over a year. We do DIR floor time therapy (just in case any of you therapy junkies were wondering) and it works for us. There are so many choices out there, you've gotta do what's right for your kiddo. Anyhoo- standardized speaking ( and this is soooo general, because I’m sooo sleepy, comment or email me with any questions); he is not classified as "severe" on the Spectrum anymore, big improvements, woot! And following the Greenspan model of testing, last year he was a 3 out of 6 on the scale and a year behind developmentally; he is now a 5.8 out of 6 and 2 months behind developmentally. Woot, woot and cartwheels. I am so proud of that kid...heck, I'm proud of myself. I have worked so hard with him, drove and drive 50 miles a day, diets, and therapies and IT IS ALL WORTH IT; doot do do do (me, tooting my own horn). This latest eval is just from his OT, so speech development is definitely not at the same level, but fast approaching. This kid who said 50 words or less last year, is now super vocal, attempting new words all the time, putting two words together, saying "I", and get this, grab your hankies; at aquatic therapy the other day, he was having a fit about dipping his feet in the hot tub and said, "I scared". Tears streamed down my cheeks friends. That is the first time he has EVER used a word describing his own emotion. I'm a proud Momma, and that kid is coming out of his shell, he is joining us in this wonderful world and connecting. And yes, therapy has been exceptional, but the Gluten Free, Casein Free, Soy Free diet has really unlocked that little black box and it's all just clicking. It's like Christmas every day here.

So that sums it up, I have to check out here, super early morning quickly approaching, and I spent the entirety of the day outside with the kids today. I'm going to have a look-see at the burn damage, and that's after SPF 70. I should wear reflective gear in the winter as my skin tone is camo for snow.

Happy Friday, have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend. I'm going to try to get the kids to stay awake for fireworks this year. A very heartfelt thank you to all the men and women who serve our country, I am now and always deeply grateful for your sacrifice.

Woot, woot....

I am busy doing a happy dance, will be back later to day to blog about it, lots of good, great, fantabulous news on the home front, Autism front, and all other fronts that may apply.