March 14, 2011

Celebrity....Not So Much

Of the 10 posts I am contemplating in my head, this is what I feel inspired to write about. Ridiculous I know. Two posts in one month about celebrities, arrggg. Thus, this post is inspired by the incomparable, Bret Michaels. Yes, musician, reality other adjectives come to mind, but I won't pollute my blog, he's basically a ho. Really, anyway, still can't believe I'm writing about this. At any rate, the other night, at an impromptu girl's night out, as we were walking, we passed Bret Michaels. Of course I did not see him with my own eyes as I was chattering away with one of the girls, but he was indeed spotted by the other gals of the group. When they mentioned it, we contemplated  getting his autograph. But the, we proceeded to our destination. And his arm candy was giving us the snake eye, must have been our radiating beauty, or lack of cleavage. Really I see celebrities just like anyone else but they just have a lot more complications in their lives, not that I feel sorry for them, I just don't get the whole autograph thing. Once you have it, what do you do with it? I met Michael Jackson when I was 11 years old by chance at Disney World. I was completely star struck. I was a huge fan, had all his tapes, posters and for a brief period of time wanted to marry him. I got a picture, but no autograph. I touched Garth Brooks from the front row at his farewell concert. Woo. Met some guy I can't even remember the name of from the Apprentice in the security line at the airport. Anyway. Don't see the big deal.

This got me to thinking. My life is truly 6 degrees of separation. Celebrity aside, I'm more excited about how I seem to draw all these amazing people into my life and we are all bizarre-ly connected in some way. That just fascinates me. And it's not a onetime thing, it is a consistent occurrence. I won't go into all the stories, so many incredible ones. But a few scenarios would be posting a random picture of me with a friend at an event, and then a random friend seemingly unconnected seeing the picture on facebook and referring to that person as her angel. Great story. Or in high school the girl I sat next to in health occupation class was best friends with my old neighbor when we lived in another state. I'm just in awe by that. And it is just ingrained in me now that each person comes into your life for a reason, good, bad or ugly. Each person has a purpose or role to assist in your growth or purpose in this life. I truly believe that God/the Universe places those people in our path for a reason. I don't think Bret had such a  purpose however other than to spark this post, and provide good conversation over drinks.

I'm curious to know, have you had any "celebrity" meetings?  Did you get an autograph?

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  1. I used to work for a TV station in Iowa back in high school and early college years. I'd get to go up to see the Vikings play all the time with the sports guys. I went up to the last game of the regular season, I believe it was '95, when the Vikings played the Cowboys. The Cowboys went on to win the Super Bowl that year - their last with Emmitt, Aikman, Ervin, etc. My claim to fame? We got to go into the locker room after the game and interview all of them - in their towels. I know. Everyone is pretty jealous. For the record, I did NOT ask for their autographs. I wasn't allowed to since I was 'press' and besides, I didn't have anything to write with.

  2. That's fun! I'm sure that got you some status in high school!


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