March 08, 2011

Cuz I'm Crazy Like That....

I hereby declare on BOMS, that "crazy" will now be referred to as "brave". So here's why, I know you're just at the edge of your seat. {I know, I'm pretty sassy lately} I am running a 5K eight short weeks from now. Am I a runner you ask? Nope. Do I enjoy running? Nope. Am I being paid for this? More than likely no, actually paying to do this. Am I doing this to lose weight? No, but a nice perk.

So, as I was registering for the run, to make myself accountable, I thought to myself..."I am crazy". But really there is nothing crazy about it. Running and I have always been arch enemies, I enjoy exercise, but running or the mere thought, makes me cringe. I just don't enjoy it. So much so that it caused me to get an incomplete in my college running course, basket weaving and yoga were full. So the final in the course was to run a 5K. I opted to sleep in that morning. Three years ago, I challenged myself to run the Race For the Cure 5K; I ended up walking it with the other 12,000 people.

So this is a fear and procrastination that I have to face. I can't grow without facing my fears head on...taking the bull by the or never...always regret it....well you get the point. This is part of my new year's resolution after all.

It's really astounding what a little, "I think I can, I think I can, I knew I could", can do for the soul. Anything is possible even getting my lazy butt out of bed and going for a run, IN THE SNOW. Believe me I am going to post pictures and gloat for a good 6 months after I do this.

So, I am putting it out to the universe. Holding myself accountable. And being brave. After all it’s facing all those little fears that teach us the tools to overcome the big ones.

As you may have read in the commentary I was running on Mother's Day, I change of plans {thank God}.  I am running mid May in the Autism 5K, woohoo, and other glorious plans came up for Mother's Day, which I will blog about in due time.  Thank goodness this gives me more training time and I may not come in last place, only second to last.


  1. YAY!!! :) I'm super excited for you! I'm doing a 7K next Saturday. Which run are you doing? Need a running buddy? LMK! :)

  2. Ok, your commitment is now public record. No going back now! Good luck, 5k's aren't so bad. Before you know it you'll be doing half-marathons!

  3. Haha, no half marathons for me! T, I'm doing Race for the Cure on Mom's Day. Which are you doing? I'm sure if I ran with you, you'd have to slow your pace WAY down:) You could always dangle a cadbury egg in front of me and then I might actually break a sweat! Good luck in your race honey, let me know how it goes:)


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