March 30, 2011

A New Diet

Not talking about weight loss or what you eat. Rather a diet for your soul. In one of my posts last week, This Is Where the Magic Happens, where I basically ramble about blogging and why I do it, I said, "Feeds my soul, saves a tree". That got me to thinking, what does feed my soul?

To keep our bodies physically healthy, we eat right, we exercise, we get enough rest...wait, do we? However, do you nurture your soul, your mind? Maybe it's as simple as taking time for yourself. What is this time for self of which I speak?  Putting you first, before husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, kids, family, friends; you! It's taken me many years to figure out what nourishes me from the inside out, besides Jack Daniels and triple chocolate mochacino latte espressos and a spot of medication for good measure. If you can figure this out in your twenties, my highest regards my friend, your wiser {and more sober} than I. In all seriousness, I want to share what grounds me, and makes me feel at peace. I believe that happiness is contentment, not compromise, not complacency, contentment.

Merriam and Webster put it this way, {sucker for a dictionary}, the quality or state of being.

A little list for your reading pleasure:

1. Me ol' blog here. It's my therapist that doesn't require co-pay or ask me how I feel about this, that and the other. It also doesn't want to talk about my childhood and hash up all the denial lovely memories of childhood teenage rebellion.

2. Meditation. I've hit my stride here. I've tried so hard, to do this for so long, when I stopped trying so hard, it just happened naturally. Mediation is not just for Buddhists, Monks, and Oprah; Jesus meditated too. Sometimes this is a hard one for Christians to grasp, seems very taboo. But I love Jesus, and mediation has brought me closer to him. When I can quite my mind, and be aware, I can hear him more clearly.

3. Negativity. Don't do it. Don't partake in it. Just walk away. Blech. This is harder than mediation!

4. Let go and live. Whatever is going to come your way is coming no matter what. Now obviously there is some choice involved here, no bank robbing or anything. Let go of the control, because it doesn't matter. We can most certainly make things happen in our lives, doesn't mean we should just be lazy, but take it in, think about it, release it, otherwise my friend you are going to be a stressed out basket case.

That is my diet, and guess what calorie free! I have a damn skinny soul, she's hot!

What do you do to feed your soul? Doesn't have to be earth shattering, I'm interested.


  1. I think a blog is a wonderful way of expressing oneself and being able to do something just for ourselves. You are right about it being important to feed our soul and make sure that it is healthy. It is important for us to have something that makes us feel happy. I hope you are doing great! Have a good night!

    Mama Hen

  2. Once again a wonderful insight to your soul. As I was reading, I found it so interesting that a typo kept popping unusual for you Cari. It was the word "mediate" in place of "meditate". Interesting, because if you think about it, the word mediate is exactly what you do with your soul and your mind when you meditate. I just thought it was pretty cool. You're so terrific. I love you dearly. skinny hot soul and all. :)

  3. Ummm, whoops. I didn't even notice my typo Dr. Fischer! That's pretty funny, I'm debating if I should correct it, or just let it be. Maybe I should be sending my drafts to Alice for editing!

    Thanks Mama Hen, I am great, thanks for checking in! Your blog and nestwork is always so inspiring.

  4. What do I do to feed my soul?

    1. Pray
    2. Read the Bible
    3. Treat others the way I want to be treated.

    God bless you Cari and above all else, guard your heart for it affects everything else you do :-)


  5. Love the skinny hot soul perspective! I agree, avoiding negativity is harder than meditating!! Especially if it surrounds you.... one of my daily struggles. I love your blog and I wish you luck with your family of three!!

  6. Ron-Thanks! Awesome list, and I just have to say for the record, your blog is my favorite, always a must read (so folks give it a click, you won't regret it).

    Thanks Kelsi, and thanks for following...I'm gearing up for my Autism Awareness Posts next week, can't wait to read yours!

  7. Oh and lol, for anyone that has had a court custody battle, #3, mediation could def be a logical replacement there.


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