March 24, 2011

Riddle Me This....

Scene: Empty Girl Scout cookie box hidden behind the trash can. On the floor was shriveled cellophane wrapping strewn about. Cookie crumbs {thin mint at that} leading to My Little Pony littered floor. I’m pretty certain this wasn’t me, unless I’ve taken to sleep walking…which for Girl Scout cookies is not an improbable possibility.

Me: “My darling daughter, can you come here please?” {Totally how I said it, I swear}

Drama Queen: “Yes mother?” {Again}

Me: “I found this empty cookie box and a mess; ALL the Girl Scout Cookies are gone. Did you do this? Tell the truth. {Like reminding them makes a difference}

DQ: “Nope wasn’t me.” {Blink, blink, batting incredibly cute blue eyes}

It is important to note the boy was at school when said crime took place.

The line up looks a little something like this: Drama Queen, Sparkleworks, and Pinky Pie the ponies.

It’s not going to take a CSI unit to uncover this one my friends!

Me: “Well, if I didn’t do it, and you didn’t do it…who did?”

DQ: “Mom! I know who it was! Leprechauns!”

AHA! Teaching moment….or so I thought. Just last week the drama queen and I had a conversation about Leprechauns and how they ARE real; she saw the footprints from the Leprechaun traps they set in Kindergarten. "Yes sure honey, they are real."  The only viable proof I could’ve then provided to dismiss the Leprechaun allegations would’ve been what? Yup, that Leprechauns are NOT real. Then who’s the liar?

Luck of the Irish!

She’s going to make a great lawyer someday.


  1. No I thought they taught them leprechans only eat green things...

  2. Waaa? Huh? Like broccoli, green beans and brussel sprouts? I would've eaten all the cookies too.


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