March 02, 2011

Stick It Influenza

Boy have I been off the map.  When the New Year's Resolution is the last post and it's March, whoa.  Missed you blog, missed you friends.  Once again Blue Cross Blue Shield Almighty and I have gone to blows.  Grrrr.  An entire month of developmental preschool now paid out of my pocket, with little to no chance of reimbursement.  That put more than an extraordinary ding in the ol' pocket book, which has a way of leaking anyhow.  I don't even want to start with the tax situation and how they hold you hostage until you say uncle.  Deep breaths....and release.  For now anyway.

So last week, well two weeks ago, drama queen turned 6!!!!  When I find the darn camera cord, I'll post pictures of her perfectly pink American Girl Day.  And of her American Girl that she begged for and has played with once.  I told myself so.  That, my friends will get a post of its own I assure you.  The day after queenie's birthday she had a high fever, and all the other symptoms that go along with flu (not the stomach flu, thank God).  And this week, the boy followed suit.  As I sat in the pediatricians office bracing myself for the riot act for not getting my children the flu vaccine (we didn't last year, and were fine) I started second guessing myself.  Maybe I should've just done it.  What!!!  Huh....?  I hate when fear creeps in and I doubt my choices, good choices for my family.  I know Gabe cannot handle all the junk in that vaccine, and then to only chance at most a 50% return on NOT getting that strain, sorry not worth it in my book.  {Self-doubting Mom interrupted}  The doc came in and asked if I got the kids vaccinated and this was his response and I quote, "probably just as well, it's not working well this year anyway with all the new strains out, we've seen record number of kids having been vaccinated this year contract influenza, and I had it last week."  Oh kind sir, Amen and high five.  This may not seem like a big deal to any of you momma's with typical kids, but for kids of special needs fighting against brainwashed, "nothing we can do for Autism" doctors, this is a small victory.  Wait, big victory in my little world!  It, just for a moment seemed as if I were garnering a bit of respect from this doc, instead of the evil eye.  But to all you evil eyers out there, it was only 20 years ago, they were institutionalizing kids with Autism, blaming it on bad mothering; and now my son will be mainstreaming into Kindergarten.  Hah.

So stick it influenza!


  1. Great news on Kindergarten! Maybe you can tell me more next Monday.

  2. Welcome back! I was hoping you'd return before it was time for another new year's resolution post.

    I wrestle with the vaccination every year too and I don't really know why. I never get vaccinated and have yet to have my son vaccinated either. We've gone unscathed from influenza for 3 years now. I realized I just jinxed myself but it's March. We're almost in the clear, right?

  3. Gretchen-I am so excited. Just had his 90 day conference and they are concerned about keeping him qualified for services he's doing so well, that's a double edged sword as you know. But St. David's through the summer, then a strong ECSE preschool next year and off to kindergarten. We have to do lunch, b/c I want to send him to LH and would like your input.
    Memoirs-You'll make it through. Seems like February is always the worst. Kids are like little petri dishes I tell ya.

  4. We'll definitely have to talk - I'm excited to hear all about it and chat about LH.


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