March 16, 2011

Told Myself So...

As you may have read earlier on, I told myself so.  Drama Queen as shown above with her splendid new {and splendidly expensive} American Girl.  Not just any ol' girl mind you, the girl of the year no less...Kanani....from Hawaii.  Considering we live in frozen tundra 8 months out of the year, I suppose I can see the attraction there.  Drama Queen begged for an American Girl last year for her birthday and Christmas, but I thought she was too young.  So since she still insisted this year, I caved.  I spent the $100 dollars with visions of the best 6th birthday ever, unforgettable memories, inseparable the two; doll and girl, maybe even a tear.  When I was her age until probably 5th grade I was very into my dolls.  I took them everywhere, I cared for them daily, we played together everyday.  Little Miss has baby dolls, but I would say she plays with them here and there, way more into the stuffed animals and Squinkies {go figure, they are 50 for 10 bucks, should have bought a cart load of those}.  But it is a different time, I am a proponent of imagination, but let's be real kids these days are bombarded with media and forced to grow up too fast, too early.  They are exposed to much more than I was as a child, and have more to deal with, more adult issues.  "G" rated movies are injected with adult humor as is a great majority of "kid friendly" shows on television, then there are video games, movies, etc.  I'm getting way off topic here.


Her Dad and I surprised her after school by taking her to the American Girl Bistro and giving her the doll she has begged for....for....ahem...and to quote, "30 years".  She was truly surprised and excited.  Although in the back of my mind....The bistro was incredibly cute, darling little desserts and a lil' tea cup just for your American Girl.  I suppose you pay for the experience as much as for the product.  All in all, a fantastic 6th birthday.  We then arrive home, unload the gifts and gear and settle in.  What's this?  Kanani face down in the snow boots?  Without some deep breaths, I would've been next on the television show "Snapped".  Not to mention we had to buy the special hairbrush {since Kanani has the longest hair of any girl made to date}, great, she chose the Rapunzel of American Girls.  And I WILL be obsessive about brushing it so it will maintain some beauty for awhile. The wonderful staff, and they were, I'm not being sarcastic {this time} sure had this little 6 year old sold on the doll ear piercing and hair salon for our next visit.  Endless.  So, poor Kanani comes out when there is a tea party at hand, otherwise, I can count on one hand how many times she's been played with. 

I asked Drama Queen this,  "why don't you play with your American girl honey?"

"I just don't know Mommy, but I love her."

Guess I can't get mad at that.  Told myself so, but it was still worth it...and hopefully she'll grow into it.


  1. Sounds like my relationship with Lego's - pretty anti-climatic. I loved Lego's as a kid. I had a million of 'em. My son loves Lego's too but loses the pieces ALL. THE. TIME. And then has a fit when he discovers one has gone missing. My solution: stop purchasing Lego's despite his attempts to convince me that he can't live without them. I'm dreading his birthday already.

  2. Oh geez, luckily no legos yet! My son is still knee deep in Thomas the train and hot wheels, which have I have invested a small fortune as well. I'm a little OCD about the kid's toys when pieces go, label maker, and tupperware containers equal a little piece of heaven. It's a sickness, I'm well aware, I think I know when the pieces are missing before they do.


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