March 19, 2011

Training: An Update

Thought I'd give you all an update on how training was going for my 5K in just a few weeks.  My routine is brutal to say the least, looks as follows....

*Yoga- 4xs a week
*Running- 3-4xs a week
*Girl Scout Cookies- daily, hourly at peaks moments of the day

Darn cookies!  I'm not trying to lose weight, not that I would mind.  I'm pretty happy with my self.  I KNOW, perhaps the only woman in America with a healthy body image.  BUT...I'm not trying to gain any weight either! 

Curse you Girl Scout crack cookies!  Who can eat just one?  Who?  No will power where these cookies are concerned.  Maybe there is a support group for this {phoof, blows crumbs out of keyboard}.


  1. Oh, peanut butter patties are like my mistress. The only hope for me is to not buy them ... or only buy as gifts, but even that is dangerous. If given the opportunity I could eat my weight in them without much effort.


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