April 18, 2011

Disguised As A Responsible Adult

 Points for ingenuity
Perhaps some supervision is in order here at the Bubble Gum household.  I can't even compose a post on this...I have no rebuttal...can't even bullet point it.  I take full responsibility.  Oh, I FINALLY have a Wordless Wednesday post, that's rare, and as you can see, not turning out so wordless {to your dismay, I don't do wordless well}.  Clean up on aisles 10, 5, 7 and 2. 

Hot Pink Moonsand without
permission, and pantless.
For the record, I have been accumulating these photos for months, wait, I mean years.  What kind of lame Mom would I be if this all occurred in the same week?  No need to call social services for neglect or anything, don't be hasty, I can explain.  After all, I could've been cooking {painting my nails}, cleaning {on the phone}, in the shower {reading a book...THE BIBLE}, administering CPR {blogging}, donating a kidney {hiding}, or writing a presidential speech.  Don't judge, the elderly lady I was helping across the street would not take kindly to a bashing of my character.

You found what in the attic?
He looks like his Dad.
I may have forgotten to include the photos of the blueberry encrusted floor, the jar of glitter that spilled onto the carpet, the 1/2 roll of unwound toilet paper soaking in the toilet, or the refrigerator door that was open for approximately an hour.

Me, disguised as a
responsible adult.

We can't supervise our kids 24/7 {right? I am right, right?}. What's been your worst clean-up moment when you {"accidentally" on purpose} weren't looking? 

{Also feel free to comment on how incredibly young, and wrinkle free, I look, and that I look like I must be my children's older sister, not MOTHER!  Extra points for you or I'll send you a check or something!


  1. That can't be your childrens' mother...


    I may have to get in on this wordless Wednesday gig. If I can master photos on Wordpress, that is.

  2. During my son's nap time I was packing for a weekend away and had some groceries in a bag on the kitchen floor. Later (when he was awake) I was on my computer in the office and in he walks with a grin from ear-to-ear, slimy hands and arms, holding an awesome discovery - an egg for me to see. He was so impressed with himself. (14 months old) I went into the kitchen and there were the rest of the eggs... smeared all over the floor. Ooops. So that's why it got so quiet a few minute before....? :)

  3. I think I might resemble this post. hahaha.

    great read:)


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