April 20, 2011

Hippy Blogger

Okay, I'll play along here. The homework assignment is why do you blog? For love or money? This is a contest for which the spoils are a gift card or donation to your favorite charity, {the old heartstrings trick} alrighty I’m in. Check payable to Autism Speaks please {this will be the easiest 10 minutes of charity work to date}. Teacher says we have to make this puppy 400 words, I don't want to get booted out of the contest on a technicality, so you may have to take this in pieces to avoid heart swelling and fluffiness overload.

I blog because I love smiley faces, big baskets of gray kittens, cotton candy, newborn babies smothered in sweet smelling lotion, rainbows, scratch 'n sniff stickers, teddy bears, flowers, weddings, Kleenex with lotion, pink, shiny things, lightening bugs, shooting stars, fuzzy bunny slippers, Hallmark commercials and movies on Lifetime, curly hair, toddlers without tiaras, twins, chapstick, fresh powdery snow, chirping birds {at a reasonable morning hour}, baby chicks {165}, fresh sheets, ice cream sundaes, barbeque's, long eyelashes, snowflakes on eyelashes, little kids singing Jesus Loves Me, vacuum cleaners that work, poetry on a summer's day, sandy beaches, pixie dust, baby bumps, twinkly lights on Christmas trees {no LEDs please}, inspiring quotes and sermons {209}, crispy new Easter outfits, nail polish, new car smell, sweet tea, sand castles, unicorns, miracles, feelings & stuff, big jars of pennies, baby Jesus, lavender, crackling fires, roasted marshmallows, cooking, not having to cook, reading, old cartoons, girl talk, hugs and kisses, bikes with training wheels, post it notes, recycling, squirrels, dimples {260}, Disney movies, swinging on the tire swing, toys that don't require batteries, kind people, generosity, doing the right thing, sweet 20 year old waiters who ask to see my i.d., grapefruit, ponies, smell of fresh hay, ballerinas, violins, accomplished musicians, waterfalls, almonds, belly laughs {303}, jigsaw puzzles, pearl necklaces, Grandma and Grandpas, church, the turning of the fall leaves, insurance authorization granted {take a breather}, construction paper, painting, Sesame Street, pencils, running through the sprinkler, picnics, surprises, best friend necklaces, snail mail, eating fresh peas off the vine, Slippery Fish song, i's dotted with a heart, puffy white clouds, chubby cheeks, my mother's family Vontrapp bursting into song at any given moment {in harmony}, nursery rhymes, blowing kisses, the Cosby show, black and white photos {are we there yet?}, treasure chests, gift receipts, picking apples, seedless grapes that are really seedless, clean public restrooms {401}, white picket fences, courage, mustard, down comforters, chocolate, flip flops, lacy doilies, knock knock jokes {how much longer?}, ice skating, sledding, hot air balloons, toothless grins, happy endings, and trampolines!{Too much?}.

Tell me now, how do you Monetize unicorns?

If you haven't noticed, I am a "hippy blogger"; I love it and don't do it for anyone but myself. I have been known to do something crazy on occasion to spark the ol' creative post or two. Do not get me wrong, I love the comments, I love the validation and  I love meeting new friends.  {I hope that restraining orders don't have an internet category} It's just me, my little free site, my ramblings and the masses who beg for more {all 22 of you}.

My Therapist doesn't want me to blog.{I know, you suspected as much} She says I use humor as a coping mechanism.  She would rather I "journal". Who journals anymore? You can get one cheap at Barnes and Noble, but I like the pictures and glowing light of the computer screen. My journal doesn't tell me to hang in there, give me advice or make me laugh. Plus, a blogging bonus is no hand cramps, and who can ever find a bloody pen to write with anyway?  Note to self: find a therapist that agrees with me, likes my jokes or at least validates some of my lunacy.

In order to avoid blog-je-vous, we will call this post the cliff notes annoying version, I wrote more about my love for the blog a few weeks ago, Where the Magic Happens.

NOTE: Teacher, a.k.a Memoirs of a Single Dad, is hosting this shindig, type up your own submission head over to Memoirs and link up, or click below, if for no other reason than to submit something better than I just did.  Besides it's a random drawing, you could write about pinecones, because I forgot I love pinecones too!

Besides, he's totally rolling in dough over there {he blogs for money, shhh, you didn't hear it from me} don't feel bad taking the money...;)


  1. I've been enjoying reading the entrants into this contest, and I LOVE how you LOVE so many things! And why would your therapist not want you to blog? I find blogging quite therapeutic! Good luck with the contest. I'm entered too :)

  2. I love all the things you love about blogging! :-) Good luck with the contest!

  3. Well, I'm another single mama, but with 4 kids, in MN. I love Kleenex w/ lotion, too. I use humor as a coping mechanism as well. BTW tell your therapist that blogging IS journaling, just with a keyboard instead of pen and paper.


  4. Well done! I sure am glad the contest is a random drawing; I wouldn't have a chance with all the great stuff I've been reading.
    Journaling is so passe, why keep it all a secret?

  5. This post gave me a much needed laugh this morning thank you. As my wife is sorta hippy and a little bit of a crunchy mom, I am off to enter your address in her RSS reader.

  6. Thanks for stopping by everybody! I agree, the therapist has to go, I'm printing out the comments and bringing them in:) Of course she'll ask how this makes me feel...

  7. That is an awesome post, and how DOES one monetize unicorns? When you find out please let me know. Your therapist should realize that blogging IS a journal. Right??

  8. Good luck with the contest! This is one of the funniest posts I have ever read. Lol I will be wondering how to monetize unicorns for the rest of the day. Blogging absolutely is a coping mechanism, way better than journaling! If you happen to get your therapist to swing to your way of thinking, you think you could convince mine too? :-P I truly enjoy reading your blog. :)


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