April 26, 2011

Merry Christimas!

Merry Christmas! Er...uh...Happy Easter! We are having some holiday perception issues here at the Bubble Gum house. A week prior to Easter, the boy greeted everyone with hugs and a sweet, "Happy Easter". I had been reading the Easter story to him, hoping something would sink in, eh; I'm good with Happy Easter for now. Things have taken a turn. Bright and early Easter morn, I am greeted with, "Merry Christmas". What? How did this happen in a 24 hour period? My corrections, "say Happy Easter honey", are met with no eye contact as he walks past mumbling something about Santa and his Christmas list. Oh the Christmas list, that has been an obsessive topic the last two days. You'd think I was reading the kids the Sears catalog or something. The boys' teacher at developmental preschool told me yesterday he was saying Merry Christmas and repeatedly talking about baby Jesus and how Christmas is celebrated for 12 days, hmm. My kids an Autistic Evangelist.  Maybe by Christmas he'll be saying Happy Easter.

Points for creativity

To think the only thing that initially concerned me about Easter was the packed church and the boy crawling under the pew and licking somebody's leg or chucking a hot wheel at the pulpit. There was some pew crawling, but no chucking, or licking that I'm aware of, thank you Jesus.

{That was a previous day at the grocery store, near miss to a ladies head...one of these days I'll be blogging about my law suit and asking you all if you know a good special needs pro-bono lawyer}

He did participate in the egg hunt, {photo above}. Hooked the basket right up his John Deere and rode from egg to egg. He got about three due to the timeliness of this procedure and his sis' swift little six year old legs.

Looks innocent enough,
but will trample you for
a chocolate bunny.

I'm happy to report we have all come down from our sugar high, the noise level is dissipating and the requests for indoor egg hunts are down to 42.

A blessed belated Easter to you and your family.

"Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song."

 ~Pope John Paul II


  1. Cute! And I like your Pope John Paul quote.

  2. Haha! Merry Christmas from the Autistic Evangelist would be cute in my book.... at least he's talkin' something Jesus! Caydon's obsession has been telling everyone that his favorite food is "Bunny Poop" thanks to the movie Hop and jelly beans. I guess we'll take what verbal communication we can, right? That's what I'm talking myself anyways.=) Your kids are BEAUTIFUL btw

  3. oops, that should say telling myself. long school day with way too many kids in my resource class (due to behaviors). blehhhhh brain fried!

  4. I love the bunny ears and Easter pictures! Merry Christmas! Ha! :) Thank you for your kind comment. Have a great day my friend! Happy Halloween! He! He!

    Mama Hen

  5. Thanks! The boy had bunny ears too which he wore for three days straight prior to Easter, but wanted nothing to do with them when Christmas rolled around.

  6. I love the mischievous smile that she has on her. Her outfit reminds me of my niece's wherein she was also wearing her favorite mary janes


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