April 20, 2011

Versatile Blogger Rebellion

So a shout out to Kelsi, over at Modern Mom Redefined, for giving me the Versatile Blogger Award. Usually when I get these awards I just say thanks and continue on with my drivel. However, I'm in a fair mood today or bored, procrastinating running, it's snowing, so I'm gonna play along. I know this is all for blog love, to gain readers, blah, blah. Not much of a numbers girl sorry to say.  {I do appreciate every one of you dears that read this, really I do, I am giving you a cyber hug, I'm a hugger} I'm suppose to follow like 20 rules {or 3} and copy and paste and list some stuff about me {boring}. I'm rebelling, I'm not passing the award forward, BUT in the generous state you have caught me in, I will pass on some blog love. If you want to know more about this whole award thing, check it on Kelsi's blog. Kelsi deserves the title of Warrior Mom, she's an inspiration, you can follow her ups and downs of being a young single parent with a little guy on the Spectrum, biomedical intervention, schoolin', finding love and trip to the alter; I'm sure rainbows, butterflies, and chirping birds will inevitably follow.

The Old Geezer Blog: I am an inspiration junkie, and here's where I get my fix. I never leave disappointed and hundreds of comments per post tells me I'm not the only one. It's my favorite read, and I want Ron to be my guru, although, I have a feeling I will have to settle for being his groupie.

Mama's Losin' It: Always entertaining, love, love, love it. Kat also has a writer's workshop you can link up to every Thursday with writing prompts. One of these days I WILL participate, that is, when I have nothing else irrelevant to say, fat chance of that happening.

Beard and Pigtails: A relatively new blog about a single Dad raising his bubbly little girl and hiking up some ginormous mountain in his spare time. He's doing such a bang up job, I think I will send my kids to Camp Beard for a few weeks years so he can straighten them out learn armpit farting.

Mama Knows It All: Yup, she does, and I like it.

Memoirs of a Single Dad: Chronicles a single Dad's journey through parenting and dating. It's a great resource if you haven't sworn off men/women and aren't yet living in my cave in Tibet.  He is also having a friendly little contest, "Why do you blog, love vs. money", so check it out if you want validation, prizes, or just to pimp out your blog a little.

Adventures of a Non-Blogger: She's non-blogging wonderfully on single mommy hood, the dating pool and her shoe love. I love my adventures of non-eating a pint of ice cream.

Love You to The Moon Mommy: Not so single Mommy who blogs about her little M, and the trials of co-parenting. If we ever met, I know we'd be instant friends.  She says everything I wish I could say. And she's getting married too!

Excuse me, what is up with all the falling in love and marriage proposals single parent bloggers? Sheesh. {It's just my jealousy rearing its ugly head, ignore me} With all you single parents getting picked off by cupid my rise to the top of the Single Parent Blog universe will soon be complete {cuz I'll be the only one left....but with the divorce rate as it is, there will be a whole crop of newbies soon enough, boo, that makes me sad}.

Salt in Suburbia: A beautiful soul sharing her stories about her family. Cute twin boys {on the Spectrum} and a little girl giving them a run for their money. She consequently might also have shared her Nanny's phone number with me {I'm sure they both regret that}. Nanny, I love you, she is beyond amazing and tends to my little "angels", usually on very short notice, when I'm about to turn into a pumpkin.

Now I'm tired of copy and paste. Sorry to the many lovely blogs I didn't list. I love you too. {You can check all gillion of them in my profile or blog roll} For the ones I did provide a link for, go take a gander, leave them a nice comment and tell them Cari @ Bubble Gum On My Shoe sent you.

Be prepared that they might reply, "Who"?

And you'll in turn say, "Cari, the nut job blogger who writes about absolutely nothing and sometimes about Autism."

They'll likely respond, "Oh, I think that girl is blog-stalking me!"


Don't be alarmed if they ask you if you think I have a drinking problem. You'll just have to concur remind them what a lovely young lady I am, and that I'm pretty much harmless.


  1. Thanks for the shout out! Let me know if you need anything in your cave -you know, blankets, 80's leg warmers, snow shovels, etc.

  2. Does it snow in Tibet? I'm going to research further. Seriously doesn't matter as it snowed today and its April! I thought Tibet might be a safe bet with all the Tibetan Monks running around. Don't knock leg warmers...I am practicing my Flashdance and Fame routines to entertain my guests.

  3. Thanks for the shout out!! It made my week to read those nice comments!!!

    PS. I love blog-stalkers. It makes me happy to know that someone reads what I ramble about instead of random ppl from bloghops that follow once and never return. =D That being said, I totally agree about the numbers.... if it wasn't for the product reviews I'm starting to get my hands on, I'd tell the numbers to go do something better with their time. heeeheee. OHH, stay tuned for TWO Autism giveaways. very excited about them!! Cay is learning a TON from one and the other is something I've been turning to when I need a "vent with a glass of wine but relax at the same time" moment. <3

  4. ohhh yeah, my word verification was winefor. being excited about that doesn't make me a lush, does it? lol my true dorky colors are showing...

  5. Kelsi, if that were my word verification I would take it as a DIVINE SIGN from above and pour a glass! I just commented about wearing leg warmers and doing a routine in a cave, I've one-uped you on the dork front sister. Excited to see what you have in store!

  6. Thanks Cari :-)

    Your kind comment about my blog is very humbling.

    God bless you and have a wonderful Easter.


  7. Thanks Cari :) Yes, I do have the ring, but lets see how much crazy Mr. Man can handle.... hold on tight... it'll be a bumpy road... lol...


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