May 24, 2011

Bless Your Heart

I love that sweet southern saying, "bless your heart".  I should use it more often.  Wow!  My groupies rallied and came out in droves to vote for my blog in the "Top 25 Single parent blogs, blah-blah-blah".  Thanks friends, bless your heart(s)!  I think the editors over at Circle Of Moms must have been drinking, desperate, or drawing blogs out of a hat to put me in the Top 25 Single Parent blogger list.  I am very surprised and humbled that I got as many votes as I did, roughly number 15/25.  There were so many good blogs on that list; it was awesome just to read and connect with other single parents.  Now I have a whole slew of new blogs I've added to my reading list. {I seriously haven't watched Television in 2 weeks; they are that good, single parents are a riot, sleep deprivation perhaps or the booze} I'm glad that contest is over, it was sort of nerve racking.  I never would've put my own name on the list, but felt compelled to pimp out harass kindly ask for votes so I wouldn't feel like, well a loser.  So thanks for the self-esteem boost, maybe I can wean myself off the meds soon.   Please don't expect a thank you note though.  As dutiful as I used to be at such, you'll have to settle for a cyber one and a quick name drop.  Here it is, your 5 minutes {could be good or bad, depending on how you view my blog}...

(Note:  Possible fictitious circumstances may be described below; any real sounding names are probably real because they made it public to me, their bad)

Thanks to....

Bev, Anna, Staci, Bara, Bev, Nicole, Sasha, Nancy, Bev, Shawn, Julie, Nancy & Bev, Shelly P., Shelley L. and/or Shzelly, Kayla, Jen, Kaelene, Gina, Bev,  Mela, Brenda, Kaelene, Pam, Pamela, Alison, Erin, Christie, Sara, Suzi, Bev, Barb, Gretchen, Morgan, Amy, Bev, Kimberly, Amanda, Betsy {you better have, or else}, Nessa at Moments and Impressions {great pics, sweetest little girl}, Lynn at Autism Army Mom {pee your pants funny stuff} and Solitary Mama {check out her hilarious blog, you won't regret it, she was on the list too} any family members that will own up to the fact we are blood, the guy behind me in the grocery store on his I-Phone, thanks to my State Representatives and Senators for the payback, the 14 year old I gave five bucks to, everyone who logged on from viewing the "Vote For Me" poster stuck to the back of my car, convicts #349 through #412 at the state pen, the teller at branch 340, Elvis, and my faithful stalker from Tel Aviv.

If I forgot you or you would like me to remove your name, let me know and I will think about updating this! 

Thanks everyone!


Let me know what you think by posting a comment or sending me an email, I promise not to stalk you if you do!