May 27, 2011

I'm in Transition

Might look a little bit different around here. The ol' blog is in transition. I got a wild hare/hair {?}, could be either I suppose; I'm going to have to Google it. Quick story first...I was trying to figure out how to upload some video from my phone to the computer and searching on in the "please help me, I'm an idiot" section and I read this post from 2009...

"{Question yada, yada}......someone please help me, I would appreciate it if you could explain it in English and not in computer nerd speak."

I just had to laugh at that. I feel ya brother! I'm probably not as much of an idiot as I let on when it comes to the computer; I just don't like it when it acts smarter than me.

So, I gave up on the video. Too many steps for not worth the effort. Follow me? No? Moving along. I then decided to remove that hot pink "vote for me" madness top 25 badge, when I started shuffling around some things on the blog here. I realized my blog is neither cute or user friendly. I really don't have the time to strike out on my own and fight with blogger a couple hours with this, but here I sit. Blogger 376, me...160 {as in posts}.  In the midst of my delete, delete, delete, I noticed that it's my blogaversary. A whole two years. Yes, sad, but true.  The blogosphere just can't get rid of me.

Two years ago, shortly after my son was diagnosed with Autism, I started blogging as a means to document his progress and keep family and friends in the loop. Two months after that, my life went straight to heck, and the big D soon followed. So I had a nice cute family name/URL and well, I liked blogging about everything but Autism, most often times, so here I am. I'm proud to announce I am the new owner of my own domain, So I'm in transition. Blogger promises everyone will be redirected, but you and I both know...hey Blogger...we're onto you and your "maintenance".

So seeing as I can barely keep my eyes open, and will probably look like death warmed over tomorrow, I should go to bed. Bear with me; it's a work in progress. It took me half an hour to get a shade of pink that I'm semi-okay with. You really just can't have a blog with the name Bubble Gum in it, and not have some pink. {Plus, I love pink, and green apparently, lots of green going on here.}

And it would be grand if just a few of you fantastic people would leave me a comment to let me know if you were redirected, in google reader or bookmarks, or if there might be some problem.  I would appreciate it.  Even if just 3 of the 12 of you that read this respond, I think that will give me some adequate data to go on.

Oh, Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone, be safe!



  1. I was redirected. I went through a bunch of theme changes last weekend so I feel your pain. It looks like everything on your site is working well. I think you need more junk though. It's not nearly as cluttered as mine is.

  2. Thanks girl, nice chatting with you this morning!

  3. Hi Friend!

    It still says snowdawegners in my url, but I don't actually know if that is what you need or not as I do not speak computer nerd either... ;)

    I miss you and love catching up with what's new on your blog! Keep it up, Lovie!

    T :)

  4. This is me raising my hand! I was redirected.

    Good luck with your changes. Every time I have to talk to someone at GoDaddy, (such smug assholes) or Mac support (very nice techies) or any of the other people in the techie world, I always preface it by saying, "Now pretend you're talking to a 5 year old about computers." Although, these days, 5-year-olds are pretty tech savvy.

    And thanks for the good advice on my blog. Still haven't decided. *Sigh*

  5. Nice clean layout, looks good! I especially like the "Click here for free pork chops" button you added at the bottom of the page, very generous of you.

  6. I agree. Lookin' good Cari

  7. Got here from my Blogger Dashboard feed no problemo. Love the transition!

  8. Thanks everybody! Yay!

  9. yays! I'm here from google reader. :)

  10. Oh hooray, my peeps in the Google follower box are back! Okay Blogger, we're good....but I'm watching you.

  11. Ahh haa now it makes sense... I think i missed some posts along the way but it got me here so I think things are working. You are brave... the thought of switching to my own domain makes my toes sweat.


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