May 26, 2011


This is what I brought for lunch
This is what I ate instead



{Sometimes you just want to fit in with all your co-workers and not be the dork who brings her lunch everyday.}  Good Intentions right?

Scene: Mother (might be me), daughter and son walking into un-named mega store.

Daughter: "Mom..."

Me: "Yes daughter?"

Daughter: "It's not right."

Me: "What's not right?"

Daughter: "To lie."

Me:"You are right, lying is not acceptable. Who lied?"

Daughter: "You."

Me: "About what?"

Daughter: "You always say we need to run to the store and get two things so it won't take long, but we always get a lot more than two things, and it always takes a loooooong time."

Me: {Pause, thinking} "Yes...I guess I did sort of is always more, sorry...I'll make it quick." {I even lie to myself obviously}

She's onto me. Friends I wish it were only two things, that is always my intention, until I pass the peanut butter aisle and remember it's getting low and then have to go back to said aisle from freezer aisle because I forgot jelly too, until I see grapes on sale {God Bless a grape sale}, until I remember we need toothpaste and toilet paper, and snacks for school, and another birthday party this weekend, and I just glanced at the clearance rack to stock up for next season's sizes, and I have a coupon for that thing that's on sale {score}, and decided to forgo 'chicken' again for dinner because something else looked more appetizing. My intention is always two things, but I can never quite manage it, even with a list. Do I seem distraught?  Okay, I'll try harder next time.

P.S. I'll be going back to the store tomorrow because I  forgot to get what I initially went for in the first place.  Oh right, like you've never done that!


  1. Oh I used to hate when everyone in the office was eating out... you feel silly with your home packed lunch... it is like being a packer on pizza day in middle school... not cool.

  2. Haha. Funny.

    I don't care much for Wal-Mart, but thank goodness their are super stores, right?

  3. I do the same...I eat lunch with the same person every day. Unfortunately, our eating habits are SO different! I like to TRY and eat as healthy as I can, but she is a lover of ALL junk food. So, I occasionally give in to temptation, more than I would if I was eating alone, lol.

  4. Girl puhleeeze. I don't even grab those little carry baskets at the store anymore. May as well get a cart because I'll need one anyway. Even if I'm only getting two things. Walmart is Doofenschmirtz Evil Inc. They know you can't just go in there and buy 2 things.

  5. Yes, I'm easily swayed by the Panda. Not a hard sell really. And my un-named mega store is the devil himself, Target. I love it and hate it. Walmart is about the only store I can grab two things at because I want to get the heck out of there! All in a days work when you can buy tampons, a futon, motor oil, some socks and apples all in one stop; but forget ziploc bags...again.

  6. I'm pretty sure I never remember what I originally went to the store to get.


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