May 13, 2011

A Spoon Full of Gluten

{This post was drafted in a five minute time period in a fit of desperation, a quick spell check, but no editing; I just had to get this off my chest and I feel much better now.  Plus there is always the chance Blogger will just delete it all, so I don't care.} 

I'm going to be really blunt here...the last week or two, Autism has kicked my butt.  Yes, I went back and edited that, it was originally not so nice.  I'm going to whine for a minute or two, because it's my blog and I can.  I don't know what in the H.E. double hockey sticks is going on with my son, but it is nothing short of the sweet kid I knew being abducted by a new reality series called, "Autism Gone Wild", and yes his Autism is showing.  I'm pretty patient, except when I'm not,  and I'm going bonkers.

So here are the out of the ordinary symptoms:  cannot regulate, and when I say cannot, HE CAN'T.  Three notes from the teachers/therapists saying, "wish there was something I could do for him, "poor guy".  What the?  I've tried all the usual tricks, schedules, pictures, you name it, nothings working.  My every attempt is met with aggression.  This is not my kid.  And he's not, nor has he ever been physically aggressive, now he's throwing a thing or two, for example,  a cup of applesauce {I do not take kindly to applesauce throwing}.  Second, refusal to eat anything but junk food.  Basically, he's starving.  This kid will usually eat just about anything I throw at him, I mean he eats GFCFSF cardboard and "cheese" which we call "pizza" without any problem, what gives all of a sudden?  He has always eaten all his fruits and veggies, made healthy choices where the snacks are concerned and now he just wants demands jelly beans and cookies. 

GFCF candy list
Not happening.  Autism or no, that is one place I rarely give in.  He has also decided he hates all of the foods I sneak supplements into.  Great, now he has to go and develop a mature palette.  Speaking of supplements, problem number three.  The kid has a list of vitamins he takes daily that could compete with a geriatric patient.  I have been finding his chewable enzymes spit out around the house.  {This might be part of the problem.}  So now I have to be the vitamin Nazi and sit with him for 15 minutes until he gives up and chews the darn thing {before every meal}.  I don't have an extra 45 minutes to spare people, nor do I like this kind of battle, although I know it's for the best!  Now we have the change of season.  Groan.  I already knew this was coming.  Every time the season changes so do the clothes, he still wants to wear a hat and boots and winter coat, and up until a week ago, we were!  But now we will deal with the switch over to short sleeves and sandals and all the sensory goodness that comes along for the ride there.

We were a well oiled machine.  What happened?  Can I blame it on global warming?  No?  Alright then.  Here's the final clincher.  He has a new stim.  It's a throaty, coughish, clearing of the throat thing that I can only describe as annoying the crap out of me.  What gives?  I'm checking our food, nothing new.  Who gave him a spoonful of gluten?  Come forward and I'll spare your life. Somethings amiss and I have to figure it out.  My best guess at this point is a GFCF withdrawal, then add in the food pickiness and it's all a domino effect from there; or someone is feeding him soy intravenously.

I would appreciate feedback from any of you parents with kiddos on the Spectrum, especially where the stimming is concerned.  Did your kids pick up new ones as they aged?  More?  Less?  We were down to one, now he's adding....I don't like it one bit.  Oh, and I don't like it.  Did I mention not a happy or him.


  1. Wish I could help, other than suggest maybe you go commando and sneak supplements in with his jelly beans?

    Hang in there, Cari!

  2. I can so totally relate! We have been going through autism hell recently, too. I don't know what's in the water!!! A LOT of my autism mommy friends report the same kinds of things in the past few weeks. We're seeing increases in tics, obsessions, stimming, negative behaviors, picky eating, bad sleep, and the list goes on and on. What gives? I'd like to know so that I could share it with all of the frustrated and worn out mommmies I know.

    Does it really come down to spring has sprung and pollen is a trigger for inflammation? Or, is it something more medical-y like flares of PANDAS and other technical mumbo-jumbo? I wish I knew.

    I'm in the trenches with ya right now, sister. With all of the teacher's notes and phone calls and everything.

    In the meantime, I guess there's stuff like chocolate, wine, chick flicks and uber loud music (when the kids aren't around) to help keep me sane. I swear I will have gained another 20 pounds by the end of the school year from all of the emotional eating I've been doing lately. Ugh.

    We'll get through it somehow. We're just on the downswing of the rollercoaster ride. It will start climbing back up soon (I pray).

    -Angela (aka Caffeinated Autism Mom)

  3. Beard-Send Jelly Beans asap! {Truck loads}

    Angela-I'm totally hearing the seasonal change story around the playground, you know, our playground, the Therapy office waiting room. I dare not say the P word, but on the other hand, maybe his reaction to pollen seems exaggerated because he has gotten so much better thanks to the diet and supps. So, that's what I'm praying for anyway. In his usual fashion, just when I think regression is around the corner, the kid does something totally phenomenal and socially age appropriate, I am so excited a post to come. I see your 20 lbs and raise you 3. If you and I lived not so many states away, we'd be dangerous. I will enable you via the blogosphere my friend.{ps. I'm a bad bloggy friend and didn't listen to your interview, darn Blogger breakdown, on the docket for tomorrow though, congrats!}

  4. Yours is really a difficult situation, I guess. You are made of tough stuff, I know you'll make it through.

  5. I am a new reader and I saw this old post. My son has the same throat clearing stim. Did you ever figure out what was causing it?


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