May 16, 2011

Tweet, tweet....

Oh Twitter, why do you haunt me so?  I might have teensy addiction to social media.  Well, I'm pretty much over facebook, I only check it like a 100 times a day now {go ahead like my Bubble Gum facebook page that luckily updates itself}.  Seriously, if it weren't for those email notifications saying "Hey Cari-check your facebook", I'd be one of the pictureless masses with a status update from summer '09.  But THANK YOU for all the advice and comments on my personal Facebook page regarding my near breakdown, about my last rant post, it made me feel so much better.  Nothing makes you feel as loved as Facebook comments {and birthday wishes rock on facebook too}.  And if I didn't have a phone smarter than myself, who knows if I'd check my email ever, besides the 20 times a day I do.  But the world's all a-twitter, twitterpated and such {this has been going on for a while I'm told}.  Should I?  No, I have NO TIME FOR THIS!  What can I cut back on to tweet?  Something will have to give.  Blog?  Uh, no, you'd like that wouldn't you? Laundry?  Been done.  Sleep?  Doesn't make for a good Mommy.  Once I start, will I be able to stop?  Will I be up at all hours on the crackberry?

I started thinking about this because of two posts by JoAnn at Laundry Hurts My Feelings, she writes a blog so funny it'll make you pee your pants, warning do not read this at work if you work in a no laughter aloud environment.  Her first post, Addicted To Twitter, almost made me register and tweet away for the fun of it; her second post, Stranger Danger, completely rationalized tweeting from a protective parent standpoint, I adore rationalization.  Made me think I could change the world one tweet at a time.  She's on a book writing hiatus, but I highly recommend her reads.

Then I got into a Tweet debate with some fellow bloggers and apparently everyone was invited to the party but ME!  Okay...I just didn't show up.  Now I have to minimize all of my useless crap into 140 characters? This does not look good for me friends, for you yes, me no.

Do you tweet?  Are you stuck in the vicious social media cycle {Tweeting, Status Updates, Blogging, Checking Emails}?  Love it or hate it?  Yeah, yeah, you already told me you love it.

If you tweet, leave your info in the comment section so I can follow you, or other readers can, OR, just click here to follow me, it's just inevitable really, you know you want to.  I'm such a pusher lately, follow me, vote for me, blah, blah, I annoy even myself; I apologize.


  1. You crack me up! I so needed this today! :-) I have been on Twitter for a long while, but I didn't actually get into using it until about a week or so ago. I know, hard to believe, as I am so sure everyone waits on the edge of their seat to know I am finally on my way home to my munchkin. Haha I have been spending a great deal of time on it and can officially add it to my addiction list. TweetDeck is awesome!


  2. So sorry to just be seeing this. I am at the finish line of my novel revision and so I've shut myself off from the twitter and blog world for the last few days. Plus, I've been a little ill and because I'm an over the top hypochondriac, I am certain I have Ebola and so I've reaaaally been trying to finish the revision before my eyes start bleeding.

    Anyway, thanks so much for shouting me out and you're absolutely right, this Twitter thing is crack addictive and fun as all get out and an unbelievably powerful tool. I'll be back on Twitter to hang in the next day or too. In the meantime, thanks so much again.


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