May 17, 2011

Untypically Typical

Per my normal statewide school/work/daycare car workout I pick up the boy and we head through rush hour to Drama Queen's "accredited daycare" {I use this term in the loosest  possible sense} complete with "lesson plans" and a "kindness project". I would just be happy to see some "supervision" or "reading" going on there. Trust me I interviewed everyone in the tri-state area including Mother Hubbard and here gaggle of kids in the shoe, this is as good and affordable as it gets. Let it be known that I am that Mom, you know, the one who doesn't look the other way and is a huge pain in their ass, and calls them on little things, like oh say, doing their job. I don't care if you get paid $6.25 an hour, I feel for you, that totally sucks, now play with my kid.  {Teachers and child care givers, really I am so sorry, you totally deserve more than what you are paid, boo.}

In the Autism world, these are two words you will hear for the rest of your ever lovin' life, typical and non-typical. Seriously, who makes these rules? So here's the rest of my story...

So boy and I pull up and enter "school age room", where chaos is mounting and something hit me in the back of my head. Whatever, as long as it's not bodily fluid, I'll live. Per the norm, I scan the room for my cutie and spot her on the computer; at least it's not the Wii-that's right, a Wii at daycare, please. I am still holding out on purchase of any gaming console for reasons: A) click on the garbage disposal and throw down some twenties, it will be obsolete in like 20 minutes and a newer better one will be out B) the games are crazy expensive, well for like 30 minutes, but when the new one comes out, the prices fall a bit C) I like things like imagination, coloring books and television D) I don't think my son even has the fine motor skills to master this yet. Yes, I know by depriving them of the video games I'm probably setting them on the path to be "gamers". When they are older, you'll find them hanging out in the arcade {or Chuck E Cheese, because where are there even arcades anymore}, loitering at Best Buy playing games for hours, and spending all their hard earned dough bidding on an Atari on E-Bay all because I didn't have an X-Box or whatever. Oh well, as you can see, I'm torn up about this.

So my two offspring embrace, so cute, I am for once not embellishing, this really happens...daily occurrence. Of course two minutes later, it goes down in flames; but A for effort kids! I figure the boy will take his usual route straight to the old school metal handled pencil sharpener as I load up the Queen. Yes, I let my 4 year old son play with a pencil sharpener-he doesn't ever stick his finger in, just turns the crank for a good 5 minutes. I'm sure the day will come when he'll stick his finger in {bet he'll never do that again} but I don't say things like, "don't put your finger in there", because, well, that's just offering suggestions. You see kids don't hear things like "NO" or "Don't" or "Stop" at the beginning of a sentence. At least my variety of kid doesn't.

The boy surprised me and deviated from his normal route, instead making his way towards the Wii. To watch I'm sure. But no! What? The boy walked right up to another boy {we'll call him 'Preston'}, and said, "Hi my name Gabe {we'll call my son 'Gabe', I'll be 'Cari'}, what your name?" Gabe was invading Preston's space a smidgen, but not up in his face, it was all very appropriate. {cartwheels} I just stood back watching, crossing my fingers that Preston would engage and answer Gabe's question. I waited...the boy waited. The boy repeated his question, "hi my name Gabe, what your name?” Nothing. Preston was too mesmerized by Superhero Massacre II Kill Die Guns game, and didn't even make eye contact or acknowledge Gabe. My heart sank; I would've loved to see what would've happened without someone facilitating the interaction. I was admittedly a little disappointed in Preston, but I can't be mad. There have probably been close to 1000 instances where roles were reversed.

This is not Preston or my kid, I copied this off the internet
click here to read the connected article about how the Wii
doesn't provide adequate exercise...ya think?
At any rate, I was over-joyed! No prompting for the interaction, not in his normal school setting, and we had just had a really rough two weeks, a little nod from the big guy upstairs telling me to keep the faith. I perhaps may have been jumping for joy, literally. The "school age teacher" didn't bother to pause or even take a breath from her gossip session with another Mom to even ask about my visible J.O.Y. She just shot me the "you're crazy lady" look, which I'd gladly take over the "dirty" variety any day.

It was an untypically typical good day.


  1. YAY!!!! Oh, I am doing cartwheels for you!! How exciting!!!!!! Did you give Gabe some kind of positive reinforcement? Hopefully he'll try again even though "Preston" was in a world of his own. So excited for you and your "untypically typical day". We are working on Cay not roaring and licking people to say hi... thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Kelsi- I bought him a pony! The licking will subside, I know it. Just keep up all the good stuff you do, it will come. I'm hoping this was not a fluke :)

  3. Hey sweet. You're in the arctic tundra too! And we both blog about nothing! I'm in that contest as well and I voted for you just because there aren't enough single mothers blogging about crap. (I'm ONLY saying that in response to your comment on my blog. Not because I actually believe you're a crap writer). We should so do coffee...


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