June 14, 2011

God? Are You Trying Tell Me Something?

I'm a wee bit behind on my blogging. Not because I don't have anything to say, oh no; but because I have been attempting to do my very first vlog post {video log blog or something}.

To date, I have sat down and made five attempts. Maybe one day I'll do an outtakes post! I've been unable to publish anything so far, not because I'm having a bad hair day or anything. Don't expect me to get all glammed up for you, I love you and all-but yeah, no. I'll definitely brush my hair, maybe put on some lip gloss, but that is as far as I go. If I can scrounge up a tiara, it's on...but doubtful. {Speaking of tiara's whoever borrowed my tiara from my wedding and still has it...keep it.}
So here are a few reasons the vlog has not made its debut...

1) I'm not a betting gal, but it's a pretty sure thing my kids will make an appearance in the vlog. Throwing fruit snacks and lollipops to them down in the basement with free reign to watch Sponge Bob and Transformers will only hold the little darlings for so long. But I have to yell cut when the boy shows up in the shot, full frontal nudity. It's cute when you're two; you let it slide at four, by six if I don't have that under control social services are going to be sneaking around my house in no time.

2) As I'm recording, I hear the water running for longer than it should be, add in the outrageous laughter of two kids; and there is cause for concern. I'll just say we had an abundance of "potions" and I had to go to the store to replenish the hand soap, shampoo and conditioner.

3) Ding Dong. That's the doorbell interrupting me. If it was Jehovah's Witness I would've turned the camera on them, but no, just the tree guys, here to chop down the huge crab apple tree. I didn't want to vlog with chainsaws serenading in the background. Creepy.  Looking back though, it would've been funny.

4) Sometimes I forget what I'm going to say, and I look like an idiot. Um, lots of ums. Talking into a camera, to yourself, is very unnatural for me. Maybe I need a studio audience?

5) I need to vlog in the AM hours when I can utilize the good lighting. Otherwise it looks like I'm vlogging from the Blair Witch movie.

So there you have it. It's a work in progress. I can't imagine the edit process. Oh who am I kidding, I barely edit my posts as is. I'll upload that puppy and call it a day. I'm sure I should just get it over with and take my kids to the zoo or something.

Maybe all these interruptions are God trying to tell me something?  Something along the lines of, "put down the crackpipe Cari".  Eh, wouldn't be the first time.  It very well could come back to haunt me.  It just might ruin me.  You don't even want to know what comes out of my mouth sometimes {besides a horrendous Minnesota accent, which is case enough to scrap the vlog entirely}.  Plus the camera adds like 15 pounds right? 

So what is the consensus....chuck it? Or get it done? 


  1. Oh man. I think you named everything I did in my vlog. From the ums to the blair witch look. I say you just do it, ramble and upload. It's far more fun than trying to post something that makes sense.

    I can't wait. Btw, I have a spare disguise you can borrow if you like. ;)

  2. Baahahahahah! Social Services and Jehovah's Witnesses. A winning combination. :)

  3. Sounds like a LOT of work to me. I would *never* be able to vlog. Hey, if you want to, then do it! If it's too much trouble, scrap it. Personally, I'd love to hear the Minnnesota accent! My husband's family is Norwegian and he's got relatives in MN, so I'm used to hearing "Uff da" and "you betcha!" :-) Heck, I even catch myself saying "Uff da" sometimes. How weird is that?

    -Angela (aka Caffeinated Autism Mom)

  4. I would so love a vlog with all those added bonuses. It would be one I could truly relate to. And, I want to be in your live studio audience.

  5. @Christina-Girl, I love your vlogs, and yes, disguise, necessary indeed.

    @Dean-isn't it. But it scares me.

    @Angela-I don't think I've ever said, "uff da", in my entire life...UNTIL NOW!!! So going in the vlog. I have heard it 'round these parts, but I think it is customary you be 98 years old to say it. If the natives found out I don't fish, they would exile me.

    @Kara-Tickets are free and please pass them out to friends. Also, thinking about having free drinks for the audience...and a cute bartender to sweeten the pot.


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