June 23, 2011

Instead of Martha...This

Here's my rant-ish post of the week. I chucked the other ranty post about Martha Stewart and how she makes my domestic-ness seem ghetto. That's right Martha, I'm calling you out, next week; I felt too guilty and then had to post this gem you're about to read; or exit. On that note...here's what...

I am happy to report that as of after lunch today, I was caught up with my blog reading. Rare, so very rare. I've noticed there is a whole lot of heart ache, heart break and soul searching going on in the blog world. Naturally, that is what a blog does best, helps organize the chaos, tidy it up and work through it. That sums up my "last season" of blogging, which I refer to as the contemplative year.
Here's what I L.O.V.E. the most about the blogging community (sans a few haters and stalkers), the camaraderie. Perhaps because most of us already feel connected through words and our love for them, or love of sharing them, or love of storytelling; there is a mirror there, which says, hey I know you. Someone you have never met can leave a kind word that can pick you up and lift you up. I'm also a big believer in the power of prayer. It warms my heart to hear people ask for it, and on the flip side, completely humbled to receive it. I am continuously amazed at how someone I don't know can inspire me to my very core, {although, isn't that how it often works} like Nessa, at Moments and Impressions; whose family I am in complete awe and admiration of.  Take your Kleenex before you click over there, happy tears, big happy tears.

So we sign out, log off...then what? It seems we walk out into a very different world. Do you fall into the griping and whining, the eye rolling and talking under your breath {I deny and know nothing about any of these things}? How have we allowed bringing people down be okay? Why? What is to gain by being overly competitive, critical, judgmental and unkind? Shouldn't we be trying to lift people up? Not those who just need it most, because often the person, who seems fine, needs it most.

Instead of criticizing, listen.

Replace condescension with kindness.

Focus on the resolution, not the conflict.

Offer help and support, rather than saying it's not my problem.
Force a smile if you have to, or give a hug. Do it! I am a hugger. Nothing breaks tension, releases fear, mends fences, and says its okay, or I'm sorry like a hug. {And don't be the first to let go. Oh, and also don't give those limp hugs with a pat, best to just forgo the hug completely in that case, because limp hugs often provide the opposite result.}

Offer encouragement.

Forgive the indiscretion, forget the hurt it caused. {Sigh}

It's almost too overwhelming for me to think that my God would have created this beautiful world so I could go to work and make and spend as much money as possible to gain all these worldly possessions that I can't take with me. I am irritated by those who think if they can't do something BIG, why do it? Or, it wouldn't make a difference anyway. How do you know? It might for one person. One hug might make a difference, that might have been exactly what they needed at that exact moment, and they will do something in turn {big or small} that will make a difference. It's contagious. That would be all I need. I really could think of no better way for God to use me. Well there are probably better ways, but I'd be satisfied.

Life is treacherous, and life is abundantly good. My heart is so full it makes me smile. Things aren't always as sticky as they appear to be, some better, some worse. When we can look beyond what the world says we "should have" or "should be" or "should do" and just be...there you'll find your peace.

I'll end this little rant session with a Tweet from yesterday from one of my favorite authors and speakers, Margaret Feinberg...

'When God calls Samuel as a young boy, he responds, “Here I am.” Have you said “Here I am” to God today? #hungryforGod'

tweet her @mafeinberg

Cyber hugs to you all,



  1. Cari I'm going to take your hug, thank you :o) I'm also going to ask you to pray for what ever is right for my daughter to happen. For the judge that heard us yesterday to be completely moved by the hand of God to do what is right. Maybe I'm all wrong and what I want for my daughter is wrong. I just pray for what is right. I hope you have an awesome day Cari!

  2. What a beautiful, uplifting post.

    And yes, I feel like this blog world has brought me to some of the best people, people who inspire me every day. My prayers are full at night for the needs of others that I have met across this world wide web.

    The world would be a better place if we all took the time to spread a little more kindness and joy.

    And I have no patience for that Martha. I watched her one time, carve some gourds, dry them out, WIRE THEM with electricity and hang them on her patio. She turned them into these beautiful strings of lanterns. And then she said, "These should last you for about 3 weeks." Really? Really, Martha? I've got no time to wire gourds. That's enough of that, Martha. Settle down.

  3. Great Thought Provoking Post--thank you!

  4. I love the connections you came make here in the blogging world. I just wish some of these came with chances to visit!

    Cari thank you for your sweet words... but nothing special here. in our situation - so many people would have done the same thing.

  5. BIG hug to you! thanks for this post. so true! all of it. thanks for the positivity - it's needed!


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