June 16, 2011

Top 25 Things I'd Never Do

Or how about 12 out of 25? Because that's all I came up with, or, I'm tired {are you tired of that excuse yet?}. See how I love you blog? Let's start at 12 shall we?

12. I would never drool in public...again.
11. I would never eat Oreos while watching Thintervention.  I did blog about this once upon a time ago.

10. I would never tell the freakishly awkward dude asking me out that I have a "boyfriend" {when I don't}, because that would be lying. And a sin. And Jesus loves us all. But I think he {Jesus} might have my back on this one.

9. I would never end a date by saying, "I shaved my legs for this?" Whoa! Wrong. And I'm sure it wasn't meant as a joke. Also may have not ever mumbled that to myself and not said it face to face while not waving goodbye with a smile while he wasn't dropping me off. Might not be a bit sassy.

 8. I'd never convince my kid that there is no tooth fairy, and just let her believe that magic and elves do exist, for a little while.

 7. I would never walk out of my house without brushing my hair...100 times.  I'd seriously never do that.

 6. I would never force the kids' Dad to spend time with them, or lash out at him when he is upset that I didn't say, "thank you", for watching babysitting his children. And furthermore, I'd never blog about that or mention it. Not. Classy.

 5. I'd never roll my eyes more than 15-268 times a day.

4. I'd never sniff an article of clothing to check if it's clean or dirty.

3. I'd never try to salvage my kid's Thomas the Tank Engine under-roos that said child has had an accident of the numero two variety in. Trash. Some things money can buy, and that is a pack of 4T Hanes Kid's Way for $6.99.

2. I'd never screen my calls. Who does doesn't do this?

1. I'd never, EVER and I mean EVER ride one of those mechanical bulls{And then shamelessly blog about it.}

 This post was brought to you buy the Blog Dare from BloggyMoms, a new post idea everyday...pretty awesome. But if you try to find me there, I've been too busy to yet fill out my profile; but check it out nonetheless.


  1. HA! This is funny. I haven't gotten around to doing much at Bloggy Moms either. One of these days...

    "I shaved my legs for this?" sooo been there...

  2. Love this #9 had me rolling.

  3. 25 is an ambitious list! Really, it's a top 10 and you went two over. That drooling in public thing though, aren't you setting the bar just a tad high? That would worry me.


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