July 10, 2011

Comment Thingy

Okay my fantastic, well-behaved, seriously hilarious, smart..NO, brilliant and gracious followers and fellow bloggers...I pose a question.

"What is the best way for my to reply to your comments?"

You all know I like me some comments, giving and receiving. I pretty much always have something to say, so you can count on me. I also like to connect with you all, I've made some great friendships through blogging, I will miss you when I run out of things to say and quit, or, you can't stand me anymore, or I get killed in some freak shark attack or something. But pretty safe assumption that I'd have to be near the ocean to be near a shark, and I don't see that happening anytime in my future for the next 12 years or so.

Back to the question at hand. As you may or may not have noticed...I have a little poll there at the right hand side bar, please vote, or leave me a comment, or both. Even though blogger says you can have more than four answers to choose from, it won't allow it. That is why I have a post here.

NOTE:  I closed the poll.  Thanks for all the responses, emails, comments and facebook comments.  Pretty sure I know where I'm going to go from here, but feel free to leave a comment if you have an opinion on the subject, thanks everyone!

I'm trying to figure out the best way to manage comments. Options are limited and leave these...

1. If you have a link/profile, email or blog with contact info, I can email you a response, which then usually leads to us chatting, and stalking each other, chatting on Twitter {or not, I'm seriously not good at Twitter} and ultimately being facebook friends, you introducing me to your single and cute Doctor friend, who I marry and move somewhere sunny, but then, the shark thing... I'm okay with that, I'll risk it.

2. I have no way of contacting you, and then I am left to answer you on the comment form. Or you block my emails and I answer you on the comment form. Do you check back? Have you subscribed to the comments to you know if I took the time to answer you, most often times I will. Send out a search party if I don't.

3. I could install Diqus. Not crazy about this. Hassle to log in every time, and then you still have to subscribe to replies, BUT you can all chat with each other! Word on the street is peeps like it. I don't know....

4. I will NOT install Intense Debate. I can tell you with all honesty, if I visit your blog and you have this third party comment system, I have never logged in to see if you replied. I'm sorry, I love you,  but this is a hassle. I'm an instant gratification kind of gal, with the least amount of work possible. Sad, but true.

5. I could do a little of both, email and comment form, status quo.

6. I can wait it out for another month or two and see what happens when Google revamps Blogger. That's what I hear; tell me if you know more about this. {Saying my prayers.}  This may be a non-issue as all of our blogs may be erased or damaged. I don't have a good feeling about it, just sayin'.

7. You could really care less, and I am way too obsessed with this blog. I feel you. I get this. I should go defrost my freezer or something.

8.  You never comment.  But you really should comment, it lets me know you care:)  Or you're scared, don't be scared.  If you can't think of anything to say,  just tell me I'm pretty.  You will be my favorite, one can't tell me I'm too pretty too many times in a day...unless your creepy, you know if your creepy.

As always, thanks for reading peeps!

Here is the link from Mashable about the Blogger revamp/rebranding/whatever...



  1. Yes, you are a great bloggy buddy. I didn't know Blogger was revamping. I like Disqus a lot. I don't have to log on every time, like you mentioned, though. If I did that would be too much hassle for me. And that intense debate thing prevents me from commenting when I otherwise would. Right now I have no idea if you'll ever comment back to this unless I remember to come back and check which is not par for me so then that leaves a sort of space and disconnect in the convo. My vote is for Disqus.

  2. I'm out of the blog loop...as usual, but I didn't know Blogger was revamping. Are they revamping their comment system? I don't like this one bit. Every time Blogger changes, things get messed UP. I better go save my blog posts asap.

    And now on to the eternal debate about how to answer comments. Here's what I've resorted to, I don't know if it's the right method, but it sure has helped me manage my time better. I used to answer every single comment with a reply back and a visit to the commenter's blog. And when I tell you I was spending my life in blog world, I am not kidding. And then one day, I realized I couldn't keep up such a frenetic pace. Something had to give. So now I visit every person's blog who takes the time to come by my place and leave me a comment. But I don't reply back to their comment, unless I've got some good gossip or I need to bitch and moan about something and I need an ear.

    It's like I've taken out half the labor.

    Now, as for my vote. I vote reply in an email, only because I'm not too familiar with any of the other comment tools. I can tell you, lately when I try to comment on a blog that uses Disqus, I've been having trouble with them. I mentioned it to one of the bloggers and she said she'd been hearing that from some of her readers. So, I don't know if they're having issues right now or what. Also too, I am exceptionally lazy and I hate filling out all that info crap the first time you use Disqus on someone's site.

    There's my vote and I know it wasn't helpful at all. So sorry about that.

  3. But where's the question? =P

    I have a Disqus login but I didn't really know you could "use" it and haven't really played with it. I love getting replies via email. I think I set up mine to work like that but I don't know if it actually works.

  4. You are so cute having this poll. I think people like to get comments directly to there posts. It is quick and always a wonderful thing to see blog pals stopping by to say hi. I do not get to e-mails as often as I used to. But I guess whatever works best for you. Have a great day!

    Mama Hen

  5. By the way, it is nice that you want to comment to each blog friends comment. But people know that it takes a lot of time and I do not think it is always necessary. Stopping by one another's blog is tghe best way to keep communicating, I think. It is great to have a bloggy pal like you. Have a wonderful day!

  6. I'm terrible about responding to individual comments. Mostly, because I thought the odds of someone returning to see if I'd responded are pretty low. On occasion, I return to a handful of blogs mostly because I also enjoy others' comments and find it a nice surprise if my comment has been commented on. That, was an exhausting sentence. Also, it doesn't really go anywhere. Sorry 'bout that [insert standard Monday excuse here].

  7. I asked people this on Facebook because I'm a loser and hardly ever comment back on the blog. Most said they don't care if I don't reply (but that could just be my readers). I think it's good form to reply though whether checking out their blog or acknowledging the comment. I plan on doing better at replying.

    I voted comment on the blog. By email would end up being way too much time and sometimes there really isn't anything to say. I've heard Disqus is pretty cool, though.

    BTW, this is a super long post about nothing. You don't have to reply to this. Ditto what jde said, though ;)

  8. Well...thanks everyone for the input.

    Especially you jde, rivoting comment, and my favorite by far.

    Oh yes, and everyone who told me I was pretty on facebook too, thank you. I love that you do whatever I say.

    I must say, I feel very honored to have received advice from some of you awesome bloggers with very big readership and it makes little old me smile.

    Time is an issue. I would like to take a moment to thank my Blackberry who allows me to reply and connect while I'm waiting for my kid at the therapy office, or waiting for my kids in the toy aisle, or at the park, outside, or making dinner and doing laundry. Fabulous time saver, without which, this post may never have happened.

    So what I'm going to do is just keep doing what I was doing. I pretty much know how to reply to all of you "regulars" {thanks}, and I will always return the favor and visit your blogs.

    Not bashing here, but visited 3 blogs today with Disqus, and had major issues, slow and erased one of my comments, boo.

    Thanks to everyone who reads:)

  9. And p.s. if I read your blog and you don't respond to me, it's okay, I don't expect it. It's just a personal preference for me to reply if I have something to add, and pretty manageable right now.


    And Blogger folk, back up your posts okay...don't say I didn't warn you.

  10. Oh, I totally feel your pain. The comment system on blogger was the biggest reason I wanted to switch to WP. Other than that I would have happily stayed on WP I think. But the commenting....... arg....... annoying. I do hope they change it for the better. Fingers crossed for you! :)


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